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About Ghoomar Folk Dance

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About Ghoomar Folk Dance

Ghoomar or Ghumar is a traditional folk dance originated in the Bhil tribe in Rajasthan. The Ghoomar dance is basically a dance chiefly performed by women and is performed in a circular pattern with twirling and pirouetting steps.

It is the dance performed by both men and women and the main fascination starts when the colourful ‘ghagra’ starts twirling due to the spinning motion of the dance.

Ghoomar has been derived from the word ‘ghoomna’. Men generally make the rhythmic sounds by clapping of both hands or snapping of fingers when the women perform the dance. It has no particular time limit and people of any age group can join.


The attire generally consists of a Choli or blouse, a Ghagra that is generally floor length and a translucent veil that covers the face. The dresses have vibrant colours with mirror work in them to give a kaleidoscopic feel while the dress twirls.

The accessories include silver, ‘Kundan’ or mirror jewelry. The dresses are very intelligently made as they are comfortable in the hot weather of arid Rajasthan.


The Ghoomar dance of the Bhil tribe is a characteristic folk dance of Rajasthan.  When the Kachhwahaclan of Rajputs in Jaipur defeated the Bhil tribes and later formed a peaceful coexistence.

The royals automatically took in the culture and the dance form crept into royalty and it was performed on grand occasions. Now it is performed at every festival.

Ghoomar is an important and vibrant part of the culture of India and it gives a dash of color to the arid regions of Rajasthan through spectacular performances.

It’s swirling and twirling steps make a dance very flamboyant and a treat to the eyes.  The unity of men singing and clapping to the dancing of women make for a grandeur only found nowhere else but in India.


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