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About Chhota Imambara, Lucknow

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History of Chhota Imambara

Built by Mohammad Ali Shah in the year 1839, the Imambara of Hussainabad, most popularly known as Chhota Imambara, is one of the oldest and most beautiful structures created as a symbol of faith and appreciation that Shah established after the windfall towards the end yers of his life, wherein he was crowned by the British with the title of Third King of Awadh, for which he wasn’t even in the line of claim.

The structure received a lot of contribution from Azim-Ullah-Khan, who handled the department of design and construction of the building. The place consists of two gateways, shaped in the form of triple arched forms, and also has domes of different sizes placed on both the west and east ends of the place.

The interiors and the hall of the structure have independent art forms depicting Prophet Mohammad and the holy five in the family.

Currently, the Hussainabad Endowment Trust looks after funds to maintain the structure and take care of other important elements relating to religious affairs associated with the place. The tourists find the place to be highly attractive for many reasons, one of which is the dazzling, sparking gold plated exteriors in the building that is certainly eye catching.

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