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History Ajanta Ellora Caves

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One of the ancient most cherished heritages of India; the Ajanta Ellora Caves are situated in Maharashtra state of the country. Known for the exquisite art and fine craftsmanship that the structure possesses, there are around 30 caves in this creation, consisting of a variety of fresco paintings that reflect excellent skills of crafting and ar.

While most of the art in the caves are fundamentally devoted to the religion of Buddhism, some also depict the essence of Roman and Greek mythology. Although the fact that these paintings are as old as the 3rd century leading to a little depreciation in its nature of being as on today, the minuet details with which they were created, still cannot be overlooked.

While Ajanta and Ellora caves were constructed separately, having a small distance in its geographical location, people often refer to the tourist location as a twin spot. The Ellora caves mainly consist of the finest rock architecture in India, consisting of art that depict concepts like excavation, and many other things, including the evidences of the existence of ruling dynasties like the Rashtakuta.

Many of the carvings on the walls of these caves are inscribed by images of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, along with other scriptures.

Both Ajanta and Ellora caves have been declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO.

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