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5 Quick Hacks to Keep Your House Neat and Healthy

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Cleanliness is the key to a healthy life and also a healthy mind.

However, with busy schedules and lack of attention one can give to the household due to other commitments, it somehow becomes implausible to make sure everything in your house is neat and tidy.

So if you often run out of time to look after your house’s tidiness, these 5 quick hacks will help you to keep things clean the easy way—

Tips to Clean your House

  1. For lipstick stains on your bed sheets

If you have tainted your light colored bed sheets with lipstick stains or any other marks from cosmetic items, simply spray some hair spray to the affected area, let it dry for some time and soon after that, wash it with normal water.

  1. Getting rid of dirt between tiles

Dirt keeps on getting accumulated on an everyday basis between your square tiles on the floor. The easiest way to get rid of the dirt is mixing some baking soda with normal water, dipping an old hard toothbrush in it and then using it to clean off the dirt. Works wonders!

  1. Dealing with greasy stains on the walls

If you are struggling with some bad greasy stains on your home’s walls, not to worry! Just use some chalk and rub it entirely on the affected area. After some time, use a wet towel to wipe off the covered area and the stains will be all gone! 

  1. To make your cookware look new and shiny

To make your old cookware look all lustrous again, simply use some of your car wax to give it a polished look and voila! You have shiny utensils all over again!

  1. To wipe off mirror stains

If the stains on your mirror are hindering you from getting a clear reflection of yourself, simply use potato peels and dab the potato juice on the stains. Wife off the whole thing with a sponge and you can have a perfect reflection on your mirror, just like a new one once again!



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