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5 mistakes to avoid while painting your house

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The enthusiasm and innovation associated with painting your house might be ethereal! The smell of fresh paint, the new look and anticipated outcome, the compliments that may come your way, the changed way of living, all of these are aspects that you might look forward to.

However, in the hustle and excitement, at times, people may overlook certain important parts that might dampen the plan of painting the house or might result in having to re-do the work. If you wish to carry out the painting job by yourself and enjoy the process along with the end result, here are a few mistakes that you can avoid

  1. Not using a primer – Not making good use of the primer would be a mistake that you must avoid at all costs. If you do not apply a coat of primer, it is likely that the application of the actual paint will not look great and the work will be sub-par. The paint would chip off and would not be as durable as you would have liked it to be. A primer does the job of sealing the system entirely and making it look exquisite. Ensure to include the primer price within your painting budget. Solidify your efforts with the best quality products and a complete job.
  2. Not considering the latest trends – Any trends related to the housing and painting world last for years. The ongoing trending paint colours and decorative items would likely be as popular even 5-7 years down the line. Choosing a combination of shades or different and unique wall designs would be a great idea. Do not stick to the same old shades. With the various options available, you can choose a pink two colour combination for bedroom walls – a mix of different hues of pink that can decorate the room subtly but beautifully. With a combination of different shades, you can also accent your walls to make them stand out.
  3. Not learning the basics – Before beginning any task, it is vital to read about and understand the basic concepts of how it goes. For example, if you had no idea that the walls needed to be scrubbed and cleaned before the painting project began, they would look dirty and dust particles would be visible under the newly painted surface. Similarly, other seemingly small things like over-dipping the brush, not waiting for the first coat to dry before the second one, etc, need to be on your mind before you make a mistake and then have to spend some time covering it up. Learn more about the process you are entering to prepare for obstacles.
  4. Not choosing the right time – Yes, just as there is a right time for everything, the same goes for painting. Be smart in choosing the correct time of the year in terms of the weather to start painting. This will ensure that the process is completely hassle-free. Painting during the rainy or the winter season will just elongate the process as it takes longer to dry. The damp atmosphere and moisture that seeps into the walls can also make the walls look uneven. Summers are the best time to start this process – it saves time and energy.
  5. Not seeking professional help – If you believe that you do not have enough time or expertise to undertake this painting project from start to finish, not considering help and not hiring experts to do the job would not be a great idea. Of course, it can be extremely satisfying to see a project like this through, however, there can be several different obstacles that novices or people who have not learned the art and craft of painting would not be able to foresee. To avoid extra costs, unfinished jobs, shoddy work, extra time, etc, you can always hire people who can help you through this process.

Keep in mind these aspects before you begin the project to ensure that the job is done well and fast enough. Save yourself any kind of trouble if you can plan to be able to follow your plans in peace without any expected detours.

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