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12 Tips To Make A House A Green Home – A Complete Makeover!

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Given the change in time and the overuse of plastics and carbons, it’s no news how the emissions have curved the environment, unfortunately for the worse.

Do you often find yourself asking how you can make a change in society? Well, for starters you can take a step forward to make your home a ‘green home‘ and stop the pollution. While not everyone can pay for solar panels and eco-friendly electrical appliances, choosing to pick an alteration for your home is doable.

These changes are budget-friendly and help you make your home a green home with much more efficiency. To help you, here is a well-curated quick list of 12 small transitions that can help make your home an eco-friendly place to live in.

12 Tips To Make A House A Green Home!

Here is your quick list:

1) Thermostats

Thermostats help you control your house temperature as per the settings you create for certain times of the day. These are pocket-friendly (literally!) and help you also save up on the extra cost of heating and cooling.

2) Headlights

Headlights are made by combining fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and emitting diodes (LEDs). These help you save up on energy, have a longer lifespan when compared to the traditional bulbs, and are quite effective, reducing your endless electricity bills.

3) Air Leaks

Installing air leaks around your doors and windows help you to prevent the cold and warm air from escaping your home. These also keep the HVAC system running and maintain the desired indoor temperature.

4) Replace With Energy-Efficient Items

When buying any home appliance, make sure they are certified by Energy Star, be it your refrigerator, washer, or even as small as a toaster. These appliances meet high energy efficiency, so make sure to ask the electricity supplier if you offer incentives when replacing the old appliances with the efficient ones.

5) Tap Aerators

Tap aerators help you to control low-flow showerheads. Also known as flow regulators, they work by mixing air into the flow and reduces the amount passing through the tap.

6) Green Energy

This optional utility helps support and increase the production and distribution of renewable technologies. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change the electricity supplier, but choose to pay the bill on your electricity bill to help cover the additional costs instead.

7) Solar Energy

Devices and building materials that help convert sunlight into electricity are the best way of making your house a green home. This solar energy can help generate electricity and also improve the lighting in your home for the better.

8) Low-Cost VOC Products

The products that are made from organic compounds or VOCs are known to cause headaches, irritation in the respiratory system, and the skin, and the eyes, amongst other diseases. This is why it’s best to use low-cost VOC cleaning products and paint in your home.

9) Apply Compost

As known, the food wastes at landfill sites produce methane, which is a greenhouse gas. Similarly, you can choose to easily cut the carbon footprints by making compost in the backyard or the worm bin.

10) Placement Of The Plants

The landscapes that are shaded help protect your home from direct sunlight during the summers and allow it to reach your home in winter. Similarly, planting trees can help make your house green (in the literal sense) by placing them on the west and south sides. This not only helps to keep the house cool and block the entering of the sun in summer, and during winters, allows the sunlight to reach your home.

11) Geothermal Energy

Also known as the energy-driven from the earth, geothermal energy requires investment but provides unlimited energy to cool and heat your home. For instance, in winter, the ground heat pump uses the earth loop to dissipate the heat from the crust of the earth to the HVAC system; and during the summer, releases heat from the air and returns it to the earth through a loop system.

12) Having A Cool Roof

The energy efficiency of your home plays an important role that is highly influenced by the materials used. For this, you may want to consider using a solar power product away from the roof, cool down during the nights, and hold some heat to reduce the cost of energy and use. For this, you may want to try the slide, white tiles, terra cotta, special lining, and a metal roof that offer green benefits.

To Conclude: Building A GreenHouse

When you try to make your house a green home, there are many added rewards and benefits that do make your life much more cost-effective. This could be done with the mindset of being environmentally friendly, or for enjoying lower bills, increasing energy efficiency, and/or making your home one with less maintenance.

Nevertheless, we know these appliances could be a little off-budget, but the benefits are worth every bit you put in!

FAQs: 12 Tips To Make A House A Green Home – A Complete Makeover!

1) How to build a home as a green home?

Here are few ways to help build your house as a green home:

  • Insulate a loft by using recycled or natural materials
  • Purchase furniture that is made from recycled materials
  • Pick wood-framed windows
  • Try to mostly use water-based paints
  • Recycle or reuse wasted water

2) What are the 7 components of green building?

  • Assessment of life cycle
  • Structure and siting design efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Materials efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Maintenance and operations optimization
  • Reduction of waste

3) What is a green building element?

In simple words, reducing, reusing, recycling and demolition the waste to help cut the costs and improve the quality of the building. A green building is designed to be efficient, durable, and help to prevent future waste with the ultimate goal of waste management.

To know of the best budget-friendly and eco-friendly 12 tips to make a house a green home, refer to the article above.

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