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5 Best Carrom Board Games In India Right Now

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Carrom is one of India’s most popular games. Carrom is a game that almost everyone of any age enjoys. Carrom reminds us of our childhood memories of playing with our buddies. We start playing carrom on the internet on our cellphones, which makes the game more fascinating.

Many online carrom board games are available for us to play and enjoy with our friends. Basically, these online carrom games allow us to engage in numerous competitions with players from all over the world.

If you manage to win all of the rounds with your smart abilities, you will be crowned the winner. You may also win money by playing these online carrom games. You will learn about the best 5 online carrom games that you can play on your smartphone in this post.

Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is an amazing game. Miniclip is the firm that created Carrom Pool. We are all known that Miniclip is a fantastic gaming firm that creates a variety of online games, like Carrom Pool, which is popular among users.

You may have a realistic experience in the carrom pool, which will undoubtedly improve your game experience. You have the option of playing with your pals in both online and offline modes.

There are two multiplayer modes included in the game, Carrom and Disc, which adds to the game’s versatility. You may participate in this game without spending any money.

Carrom Friends

You may enjoy a terrific carrom board experience with all of your pals, just like the name of this excellent game suggests. There are a lot of modes and amazing features in this game.

There are a variety of modes available, including 1v1 and 2v2 carrom battles in multiplayer. If we look at the offline modes, we can see that the game’s inbuilt AI is accessible to play hard matches with you.

There are many lobbies in this game, including Delhi, Mumbai, Riyadh, Tokyo, and San Francisco. Depending on your coin values, you may play there.

Carrom Stars

Carrom Stars is a fantastic game with a wide range of features and skills. Only until you’ve achieved a specific level and have the required currency value will the skills be enabled. This game provides superb physics and a realistic gameplay experience.

Unlocking them will also provide you access to new stickers. There are a variety of carrom tournaments to choose from. You may also win the competition if you have adequate abilities and a solid shot.

There is a worldwide ranking list where you may verify your position. If you go further in this game, you may be eligible to win a variety of monetary rewards.

Carrom Champion

Carrom Champions is a popular online board game with a large number of fans. There are other high-level carrom board games, but Carrom Champion stands out. This game is available in 16 different native languages, allowing as many people as possible to participate and enjoy the game.

Other elements include a variety of game settings that make the game more competitive and tough. This game is available in both online and offline modes.

Carrom King

You’ve probably heard of the popular game known as ‘Ludo King.’ Ludo king is cited because the carrom king was created by the same developer who created the ludo king. The carrom king has become a major hit among carrom online gamers due to all of its outstanding games.

This game contains a variety of settings and features that will increase the versatility of your house. This game may be played both online and offline with your buddies.

Online Carrom Strategies

If you want to win the game you must know some winning tips and strategies which could easily defeat your opponents. In India Carom is a very popular game as everyone has played this game once in a while.

So when you play the major tournaments organized by the above games the automatically the competition increases among the players.

But by reading knowing these additional tips you may be able to overcome your opponents and be the winner as the gaming experience of carrom board online is different than the playing carrom in real life. The following tips and strategies are:

  • Knowing the board

If you analyze the board properly then you are in the upper hand already. When you play a game then you must understand all the lines on the board such as the striker line foul lines.

If you have proper knowledge about these then you can easily defeat your opponent. Also, understand the weak and strong edges of your board. Sometimes using these edges creates a good angle for your striker.

  • Value of the pieces

Knowing the value of all the coins is the most important factor in the game of carrom. There are different values of the respected coins such as the white, black, and red ones.

Each type of coin has its own point and penalties including the sticker itself. So you should play carefully to know the color of the coin you are supposed to strike. One small mistake can penalize you by which you can lose the came.

  • Trick shots

Playing trick shots is fun as well as important in the game of carrom. Sometimes playing a trick shot could pot multiple coins which could give a good lead and create trouble for the opponent. It will also demoralize your opponent which will keep you in the upper hand.

But you must play these trick shots only if it is necessary and you are confident about the result, else it can cause you a penalty if the shot is not executed properly.

  • Breaking

Breaking is a very important part of the game. It is basically you have to strike the sack of coins arranged in the middle of the with our striker. You have to break it correctly ass the coins don’t get lumped in the corner.


By reading the article, hope you are now satisfied to know about the top 5 carrom board games in India. You can win the games if you have sharp skills and know all the strategies.

All these games have their own kinds of features which will provide you and your friends with absolute joy. Enjoy playing games with your friends and family on the GetMega app.


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