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Why Yoga must be a part of your schedule?

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Any form of exercise in our day to day life is highly recommended by doctors, not just for our physical well being but also for our mental health.

While exercises like working out at the gym, enrolling yourself in dancing or swimming classes are definitely a great step to strike a proper balance between your physical and mental health, here we give you some reasons why yoga is most beneficial to improve your overall health and one must include it in their daily schedule—

Yoga Exercise

  1. It boosts your strength, flexibility, as well as agility

When you indulge in sports, you gain strength, some other physical activities give you agility, however, with yoga, you can gain strength, flexibility, as well as agility altogether. In fact, studies and religious practice of yoga have also revealed that one can even get rid of long term injuries, pains, and scars with the help of right yoga exercises.

  1. It improves your memory and cognitive functioning

Since yoga involves a lot of stretching and breathing exercises, it improves one’s cognitive abilities, improving their concentration in each and every work they do, enhancing their memory and also their ability to learn.

  1. It helps with weight loss

Many times, the abnormal weight gain in one’s body is due to unusual hormonal fluctuations. Yoga makes sure that your hormonal balances are restored in your body and thus helps you with burning a lot of calories in a healthy way, instead of harming your body and appetite that normally rigorous dieting procedures would do.

  1. It helps in reducing pain

This is the most beneficial part of doing yoga daily, especially for those who complain of suffering from frequent pains and ailments such as migrane headaches, bones ache due to arthritis, painful periods, etc. Yoga has in fact been proven to be a great remedy for those suffering from backache as well.

  1. It keeps your blood pressure in check

A lot of health hiccups are a result of one culprit—improper blood pressure. Yoga normalizes your blood pressure, keeping your stress at bay, especially for those suffering from hypertension and hence, keeps you distant from a list of health ailments like heart diseases, diabetes, etc.

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