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World Mental Health Day

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About World Mental Health Day

Every year, on the 10th of October, World Mental Health Day is observed. It is an initiative hosted by the World Federation of Mental Health annually.

The prime objective of observing this day is to raise awareness among the masses about the issues that people with weak mental health face and how we can together strive to make such people live with dignity in the society.

It is also a day that acts as a platform for those people who work in the field of mental healthcare, to come forth and present their work on how they are making efforts to support those with mental health issues.

Mental healthcare till today remains one of the least known healthcare domains and thus, the World Mental Health Day every year on the 10th of October is a way of making more and more people come to know of the core facts related to mental health and how we can make an effort to make life easier for a person with mental health problems.

Every year, a new unique theme is taken to observe this day and this year in 2017, the theme is ‘’Mental health in the workplace.’’ Needless to say, most of us spend hours and hours at our workplace and sometimes the stress and anxiety just levels up without any forewarning.

Research suggests that those organizations where the employers and managers lay down proper workplace initiatives list in order to promote mental health have higher work productivity, better work environment, good teamwork, and extremely well-defined outcomes.

As of today there are more than 300 million people worldwide who suffer from depression and one of the prime reasons for the same is a negative work environment, increasing work stress, etc.

Hence, the World Federation of Mental Health has this year decided to raise more awareness of how we can take care of our mental health and help others in the same too, at our workplaces.


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