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Top 5 hairstyle tips that can make you look thinner

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When it comes to fashion and styling, every little thing pays a key role in making your appearance either extremely attractive or not-so-happening. One such thing is your hairstyle! While some hairstyles have the ability to make you look drop-dead gorgeous, some are so dated that you should immediately consider a hairstyle makeover!

Tips for Hairstyle

Drop the conventional bob hairstyles

They might have been in fashion at one time, but now, they only contribute in adding extra pounds to your face. Moreover, if you have a face cut that is long, short hair cuts are most likely to make you look chubby.

Try long locks and layers

Long vertical layers make your face look relatively slimmer and for women with curly hair, you should be careful while getting a cut on those layers as curls shrink right after a first wash and this may jeopardize your locks’ length and make you look plump.

Wearing a hairstyle for too long? Maybe its time to get a change!

Many times we think if a style suits us, it’s better to carry on with that. But one must be experimental, especially with new hairstyles, as carrying the same hairdo for years can actually make you look older than your age.

Avoid flat styles on head top and try side partings

Going for puffs in hairstyles can actually enhance your features and bring attention to your eyes as well as brows. Keeping a flat hairstyle on the hair top can actually make your hairline look dull. Hence, go for some puff hairstyles to add volume to your hair.

On the other hand, side parts too can do wonders, making you look slimmer. You just need to have your bangs long, and that’s about it!

Try some hair accessories

Products and accessories for women are as perennial as are the oceans of the world! Try some accessories like headbands, clips and they can actually make you look younger as well as slimmer. You just need to know the right way to wear it, and the right spot to place it, and done! You are good to go!

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