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Technological Gadgets That Are Taking The March Madness Industry By Storm

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Technology does a lot to contribute to the sports industry, and each time the March Madness season arrives, something new and exciting gets launched on the market for fans, teams, match officials, and others who are part of the action to enjoy. From wearable technology and March Madness lines to mobile platforms and motion sensors, the NCAA’s choice to adapt to these different technological advancements is creating significant milestones in bounds and leaps.

Nowadays, fans have the luxury of using technology to do more than just look up March Madness predictions, stream games, and place bets. They now have access to a large amount of comprehensive in-game data in order to keep the NCAA basketball tournament an interesting event. So, in this article, we’ll look at tech gadgets that are taking the industry by storm.


Sensor-Containing Balls And Player-Tracking Cameras

When you look at the approach technology uses to influence fan experiences, you see that everything is centered around innovation within college basketball. By keeping this in mind, fans have access to in-depth game stats that allows them access to endless resources that will work to enhance experiences and provide thorough game details.

With the help of sensor-containing balls and player-tracking cameras, we can monitor each player’s movements from an aerial point of view and analyze preferences like shooting, handling, and dribbling, respectively.

Gadgets like these allow college teams to work with various job roles like statistical analysts, data scientists, and technicians, and such integrations offer people the opportunity to participate in every game as they work on zoning on details, including a player’s steals, passes, shots, and more.

After this, specialists can establish databases that will shed light on a player’s strategies and patterns Fans can then use these strategies to predict precise results and outcomes that come in very handy for those who are looking to make money from sports.

It seems the NCAA is learning a lot from tactics being adopted by the NBA; therefore, we can expect the league to start integrating things like automated refer systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Being aware of various patterns that occur in the industry can benefit recruiting and scouting greatly since they provide a detailed analysis of all kinds of information, which helps build stronger teams when coaches are informed on formidable games.

Multi-Game Streaming Gadgets

Fans are an important component of any sport because these are the consumers and audience that keep it going. Many supporters can show their full support by physically attending sports events, but other fans are limited to showing their support by investing in technology that allows platforms to offer multi-game streaming services so they can tune in on multiple games at the same time.

When we look at simple everyday gadgets like smartphones, tablets, PCs, and televisions, we see that these can devices can offer us access to CBS and Turner Sports services. These platforms come with intelligent SkyCam and RailCam systems that provide viewers with different camera perspectives on all the live action. We can even go as far as downloading NCAA apps that offer unique features like the hype wall and virtual shot clock.

Microphones And Microprocessors

The NCAA basketball tournament introduced the world to the Precision Time System, where officials were now able to better sync games with zero hassle. It takes about 0.7 seconds to delay an official’s call and the scorekeeper’s move, and while some may think of this as a delay that isn’t worth fussing over but what we fail to understand is that those very seconds can add as much as 30 seconds to a game.

Nowadays, officials wear microphones that connect to their belt’s microprocessor, so whistles are no longer necessary. With the help of a microphone, sounds can trigger the processor, immediately sending signals to stations connected to the game clock.

In Conclusion

Technology has made it possible for NCAA teams to access large amounts of information right at their fingertips. With March Madness now adapting to modern technology and tracking features, the tournament continues to be exciting and engaging for fans across the globe, whether they are showing their support on the court or in the comfort of their homes.

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