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World Sports Journalists Day (2nd July)

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About World Sports Journalists Day

Every year, July 2nd marks the celebration of the World Sports Journalists Day. It began as an initiative taken by the International Sports Press Association to commemorate the services of every sports journalist in the world who beat the odds and strive to promote sports as a worldwide heritage.

The first time this day was observed and celebrated was in the year 1994, as that year, it was the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the International Sports Press Association that revolved around sports journalism. The organization came into being in the year 1924, right when the Summer Olympics was taking place in Paris, France.

Many prominent continental sub-associations as well as national associations are a part of the International Sports Press Association, also known as AIPS. In fact popular sports federations like the FIFA, the IAAF, as well as the International Olympic Committee are all a part of the AIPS.

This year, the 2nd of July, 2017, will mark the 23rd year of celebration of the World Sports Journalists Day.

Coming to the term ‘’sports journalism’’ it is one of the most integral branch of journalism in any media organization and fundamentally refers to writing or broadcasting any news related to the media, in order to promote sports, be it cricket, hockey, football, tennis, badminton, or any other sport, recognized regionally, nationally, as well as internationally. There are many local as well as national sports association that bind the sports journalists together as they report on important development in the sports arena. All these journalists are bound at a macro level by the International Sports Press Association.

Thus, the World Sports Journalists Day, pays tribute and recognizes the work of sports journalists who have made some exceptional contribution to sports journalism, and shown excellence in reporting in this field.


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