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Solung Festival (1st of September)

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About Solung Festival

Solung is a popular festival in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh in India. It is an annual festival celebrated every year on the 1st of September.

It is the most popular observance of the Adis and primarily happens to be a festival based on agriculture, but it also includes the social and religious features of the people who observe it.

The Solung festival can mainly be categorized into three parts, which are as under—

-The first part is known as the Sopi—Yekpi, also known as the Limir—Libom, which happens to be the sacrificial day.

-The second part is known as the Binnyat, which includes a ritual offering to the goddess of crops, known as Kine Nane, and finally,

-The third part is known as the Ekop, also called the Taktor, wherein a ritual takes place to protect the people from all evil forces, harms, etc. and this is done by appeasing the household guardian—Gumin-Soyin, and the god of wisdom and human welfare—Doying Bote.

Some of the major highlights of the festival include females coming together to worship the goddess of crops Kine Nanne, to protect their fields from calamities like epidemics, etc.

There’s a vow for protection of domestic animals, which the people do by offering prayers and rituals to the god of domestic animals, known as Dadi Bote.

There’s also a vouching for peace and prosperity that all the people together pray for as they participate in the celebrations of the Solung Festival.

Feasts are conducted with a lot of merriness and enthusiasm. In the evenings, girls perform the traditional Ponung dance on songs sung by Miri—the Aabangs singer, who narrates all the myths through his songs vocally.

In a nutshell, Solung is a mixture of agricultural essence, social and religious features, as well as spiritual beliefs.


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