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December Global Holidays and Their Symbolism

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In 2022, there will be no December Global Holidays.

Hold the final month of the year with comfortable sweaters, a nice cup of steaming coffee with cookies, the faint sound of children practicing Christmas songs at a neighboring church, and stockings hanging near the fireplace. Ah! December is here! The entire list of December global holidays 2022 is available here.

December is here, the most enchanting month of the year, where everyone wishes to celebrate the last month of the year to the fullest, December also brings up a lot of positivity. This holiday month’s peaceful reflectiveness offers happiness to everybody.

It is unquestionably the happiest month, ushering in the Christmas season and bringing joy. Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, December heralds the start of winter and the shortest day of the year. December is a time for well-deserved celebrations before the new year.

In other words, December is jam-packed with events worth commemorating, and as a result, December is the month of global holidays!

December gets it from the Latin word “Decem,” which also means “ten.” Once upon a time, December was the eleventh month of the year. According to Romulus’ 750 BC calendar.

Later, January and February were formed and added to the calendar’s commencement. However, the month of December preserved its name. It is at its best from December through the New Year.

December Global Holidays in the United States of America in 2022

As the new year approaches, people celebrate cultural festivals and the small things that count. The following is a list of worldwide holidays in December 2022.

  • (December 18 – December 26) Hanukkah Date Marked

Hanukkah is the Hebrew word for “dedication.” It is a Jewish holiday known as Chanukah or the Festival of Lights. According to the Hebrew calendar, this eight-day holiday begins on the 25th of Kislev. The Hanukkah festival commemorates the rededication of the Second Old City Of Jerusalem, following the Maccabean Revolt.

One of the melodies linked with Hanukkah is Ma’oz Tzur. Every night over the next eight days, candles are burned to fend off evil spirits and ill luck.

Popular Hanukkah activities include reciting the Hallel prayer and eating traditional oil-dried delicacies like potato pancakes (latkes) and jam-filled doughnuts (sufganiyot). Before and during the candle-lighting ceremony, Judaic blessings are said.

  • The following dates have been designated as World AIDS Day: (December 1, 2022)

World AIDS Day was created to draw attention to HIV infection and raise awareness. This day is dedicated to refuting HIV myths and remembering individuals who have been affected or impacted by the illness. James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter proposed the concept of World AIDS Day in August 1987. Every year on December 1, governments and health organisations worldwide observe it.

  • Nicholas Day: Marked Date: (December 6, 2022)

Saint Nicholas Day, commonly known as Saint Nicholas Feast, marks the anniversary of establishing the catholic saint St. Nicholas. Nicholas of Myra. He was the guy whose life gave rise to the legends of Father Christmas and Santa Claus.

  • Bodhi Day Has Been Marked: (December 8, 2022)

In Japan, it is a religious celebration that commemorates Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death all on the same day. Mahayana Buddhists observe it on the eighth day of the twelfth month of the lunar calendar. Every year on December 8, it is commemorated. Bodhi Day honours the enlightenment of the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama.

  • Las Posadas Date Set: (December 16 – December 24, 2022)

It is a Mexican festival commemorating Joseph and Mary’s trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Las Posadas is held between December 16 and December 24.

Las Posadas translates as “the inns” or “the accommodations” in English. It is a nine-day Mexican Christmas ritual based on Mary and Joseph’s quest for a secure location to dwell. A tiny boy disguised as an angel leads a parade of children around town as they seek accommodation for Joseph and Mary in various households.

It contains music as well as scriptural readings. In the run-up to Christmas, it’s a significant affair in Cuba, Spain, Latin America, Guatemala, Mexico, and among Hispanics in the United States.

  • Yule: Marked Date: (21-Dec-22 to 1-Jan 2023)

Yule is a holiday celebrated by Germans all over the world. This is also known as Yuletide and is marked by igniting a large log in a bonfire and spending the entire night outside.

Because it corresponds with the Winter Solstice, this 12-day festival is the world’s oldest and most well-known winter holiday. It is a pagan feast with Norse and Celtic roots. Yule is known for its candlelit meals and Yule tree decorations. Nature-themed presents given to friends and relatives.

It is among the most well-known December holidays in the world. Yule’s pagan origins may be traced back to the Norse deity Odin and the Anglo-Saxon celebration of Modraniht.

  • The Winter Solstice: Marked Date: (December 21, 2022)

The Winter Solstice is celebrated worldwide when the days begin to lengthen on December 21. Many customs are followed on this day.

Stonehenge gathers at dawn the day after the longest night in England to watch the spectacular event of the sun rising through the stones. Its archaeological study indicates that winter solstice festivities took place there.

In China, Dongzhi is celebrated with family reunions and a large supper. Tangyuan, or rice balls, is a prominent food. Furthermore, the celebration, which commemorates the conclusion of the harvest season, has its origins in the Chinese notion of yin and yang.

In Iran, Shab-e-Yalda marks the conclusion of the shorter days. It represents the triumph of light over darkness. Yalda, which means “birth,” is celebrated with family gatherings, candles, and poetry readings. In addition, a feast is planned to help people get through the longest night of the year.

  • Festival of the Burning Clocks ( December Global Festive 2022)

The winter solstice is marked by Toji in Japan, Santo Tomas festival in Guatemala, and Dongchi in South Korean culture. Brighton hosts the Burning of the Clocks festival. It is also known for its annual solstice march, bonfire, and fire display. People dress up like clocks in costumes.

It represents the passage of time by marching to the seashore with lanterns constructed of wood and paper. The lanterns are then set ablaze in a massive bonfire. It represents the aspirations, dreams, and concerns that are set ablaze.

Ireland’s Newgrange gathering is a popular winter solstice custom. The Newgrange passage tomb and ancient temple are ideally placed to view the winter solstice’s stunning sunlight impact. People gather to view a 17-minute light show via a tiny hole.

  • Festivus Marked Date: (December 23, 2022)

The image is from the Seinfeld episode titled ‘The Strike.’ It is a mock holiday intended to criticize Christmas materialism. Instead of a decorated tree, people gather around a decorative metal pole.

Frugal spenders and minimalists promote this bogus festival to raise awareness about Christmas consumerism. Festivus’ two most popular traditions are ‘Feats of Strength’ and ‘Airing of Grievances,’ both have grown in popularity.

  • International Day of Human Solidarity Marked Date: (December 20, 2022)

The General Assembly created International Human Solidarity Day in 2005. Every year on December 20, it is marked to celebrate unity in diversity and urge all member countries to honor their obligations to international accords.

On this day, numerous poverty-eradication programes are evaluated and launched to build solidarity and accomplish the SDGs. The spirit of International Human Solidarity Day is collaboration in resolving global economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian problems to sustain international peace and security.

  • Saint Lucia’s Day Marked Date: (December 13, 2022)

It is a religious celebration honouring the Italian Saint Santa Lucia. Instead of marrying, she opted to devote her life to God. In 304 A.D., she was executed as a martyr by the Romans. During the darkest months of the year, it is seen as a symbol of light and hope.

  • Marked the date for Christmas: (December 25, 2022)

One of the most well-known December Global Holidays is Christmas, which honors the birth of Jesus Christ. Even non-Christians throughout the world celebrate this occasion with zest and excitement. People exchange gifts, gather for family feasts, and adorn their homes with Christmas trees. Many individuals attend religious services on Christmas Day.

Yule Lads, as well as the Christmas market, are featured in Iceland. The Yule Lads are comparable to the thirteen Santas. Yules visits each other every night for the next thirteen days before Christmas. They place gifts for children in the shoes that are left on the window sills.

Christmas in America is associated with Christmas trees, visits from Santa Claus, and fantasies of snowy landscapes. Because Christmas happens during the summer in Australia, many people spend the holiday camping or at the beach.

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa Claus, as is customary in The Us, children in England commemorate this one of the most popular December Global Holidays by giving mince pies and brandy for Father Christmas.

  • Boxing Day has been set: (December 26, 2022)

Boxing Day is still one of the most well-known December holidays globally. It is observed in the U.K., New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. On this day, many sporting events are held. The day after Christmas, churches distribute charity hampers to the poor.

Furthermore, Boxing Day is designated as a day to thank those who provide services and administration. For example, to recognise the usefulness of errand boys, mail carriers, and others. Employees are given a day off and a ‘Christmas box’ or monetary reward on this day.

  • Date Set for Krampusnacht: (Dec 5, 2022)

Krampusnacht is “Krampus night,” and it is celebrated in Austria, Germany, and other regions of Europe. Adults may dress up as Krampus on this day. Krampus is a beastly demonic monster that helps Saint Nicholas scare misbehaving youngsters.

The Krampus outfit is sheep or goatskin, and the hand-carved wooden mask. It’s a century-old custom akin to the Christmas notion of the Naughty and Nice list.

Furthermore, this character appears in several Hollywood horror films. Krampusnacht will be held on December 5 this year.

  • Kwanzaa Date Set: (December 26 – January 1, 2022)

Kwanzaa’s meaning is ‘First Fruits.’ Kwanzaa is a celebration based on historic African-American harvest feasts. It is a religious festival observed from December 26 to January 1. Dr. Maulana Karenga founded Kwanzaa in 1966. The word ‘kwanzaa’ comes from the Swahili language, meaning ‘first.’ The phrase comes from the Swahili word matunda ya kwanza, which means “first fruits.”

It is a religious event where people adorn their houses and light a candle holder known as a kinara. This seven-day event features songs, dances, African drumming, storytelling, poetry readings, and other activities,

The meal is followed by a large traditional feast known as ‘Karamu.’ It is spelt with an additional “a” at the end to make it a seven-letter word to correspond with the subject of seven.

  • New Year’s Eve has been designated as the following dates: (December 31, 2022)

One of the most thrilling December Global Holidays is New Year’s Eve when people Say good-bye to the previous year and hye to the upcoming year. Because it is the last December holiday, many parties and performances are scheduled to mark the beginning of a new year.

The celebrations usually reach about midnight, and people erupt with exuberant cries as the countdown to midnight ends. Only a few countries, such as Australia, celebrate New Year’s Eve.

People want to mingle and meet in bars and restaurants on New Year’s Eve.


That concludes our discussion of the December Global Holidays in 2022.

December is a fantastic time of year to relax and indulge in the finer things in life. It’s that moment of the year when we always want to sit back, breathe, and reflect on all the beautiful times in society that have been bestowed upon us. December is unquestionably an exciting month to end the year in style with major holidays. So, how do you intend to spend the December Global Holidays? Please share your ideas with us.

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