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5 signs he’s losing interest in you and how to deal with it

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Dealing with rejection is never a fine experience. What’s even worse is coming to a point where you know the other person liked you so much in the beginning and suddenly seems so different, like he has no interest in you anymore!

If you’re having this feeling of late that your partner is losing interest in you or there’s something missing from your relationship, don’t ignore it. As women, we’re blessed with instincts that are often right. But hey, don’t raise your panic levels right away! Look out for these five signs to see if your fear is indeed right and is your partner losing interest in you—

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  1. He is not reciprocating the contact

This is the most basic red flag and probably the easiest thing for him to do. By simply not calling you back, he ghosts you and wants to indirectly convey that things aren’t the same anymore from his side.

Now whether this is because he has found someone else or his priorities have changed, is a food for thought. But when you’re a little too much into him, you will most likely overlook the lack of contact from his side and instead, have no qualms in being the initiator all the time.

But it is something that totally needs your attention.

How to deal with it?

No matter how hard it is, accept it that his lack of contact repeatedly means he doesn’t see things going the way you see it. Don’t lose your dignity and do not text him again. If he misses you at all, he will let you know.


  1. The romance is pretty much.. err, DEAD

If he’s not really into doing the little things he did before, to surprise you, it is something that must catch your attention. No cuddling after sex or while watching movies together, no plans of dates from his side, no more frequent sex, are all signs that there’s something that’s being a glitch here.

It’s okay if the vanilla honeymoon phase is over, but it doesn’t have to mean that the whole spark of your relationship dies!

How to deal with it?

No relationship is a bed of roses all the time! Couples often show a lack in intimacy once the honeymoon phase is over, but that should never imply that the romance and the relationship is all dead! Plan cute things for your partner and surprise him. It is completely okay to be the one taking the lead here.

You’ve got to bring the spark back. Seeing your efforts, even your partner would want to make things better the way they were before the problems surfaced.


  1. He isn’t a good listener and interrupts your talks often

Communication is the key to any good relationship. And this involves two people who can talk and listen well at the same time. If your partner tells you about his day and you listen to him with all ears, but when it’s your turn to talk, he either interrupts you or cuts you off by saying he has something important to do, don’t ignore it!

A good partner has to be a good listener and should never meddle with your right to speak, because this in general means he doesn’t care enough to know about you or your day. 

How to deal with it?

Be upfront and never let him take you for granted by cutting you off. Make it clear to him that you find this behavior in him hurtful and if he can’t care enough to listen to you, it’s better you part ways.


  1. Excuses have become his middle name

To put it in other words, you are no more his priority. There would have been a time when he would do everything for you, help you with chores, or simply be there for you whenever you needed someone.

And now, if that seems to have changed, you know it is not right! He might give repeated excuses of too much work or show a lack of interest whenever there’s something you need help with.

No, he shouldn’t be your errand boy or always be available at your beck and call, but a little offering of help voluntarily doesn’t hurt, right? 

How to deal with it?

Give him the taste of his own medicine. Stop doing things for him that you used to do before and make sure he notices it. If he realizes how his excuses all the time have hurt you and changes his behavior soon after, good!

Else, it’s better to let him be on his own! No need to do things for someone who wouldn’t care to reciprocate even a quarter of it.


  1. He seems or is angry all the time

If he seems to get annoyed with anything and everything you do, you should know it’s a red flag! Don’t blame yourself by thinking you’re doing something wrong! Because truth is, it’s your partner who is clueless about where his life is going and the frustration of it, he loves to take out on you! 

How to deal with it?

Don’t give him reactions right away. Instead, try to keep your calm and give him some time. If there’s something really bothering him in his professional life, try to slowly talk to him about it and say that you can find solutions together.

Make sure to let him know you’re there for him. Be patient and give him the space to open up on his own.

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