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Law is an Extremely Lucrative Career Option

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About Law Colleges

From globalization that has made law an extremely lucrative career option to an acute shortage of qualified lawyers in the country, the incentives and inspiration to study law and enter the legal profession are many.

Young and dynamic students with sound reasoning abilities, an eye for detail and excellent communication and presentation skills tend to find their stimulus or desire to study law in top law colleges in India coming from different sources.

Aspirants draw inspiration from family heroes (father, grandfather, uncle, etc known for their sound knowledge of law), fictional stars (Perry Mason, Alan Shore) or political heroes (Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama), etc to study law. Also, the desire to make a difference to the society which we inhabit is another major factor that draws student towards law.

An endless list of luminaries like Rajendra Prasad, Tilak, Motilal Nehru, etc who played a major role in our freedom struggle is another strong magnet that draws students towards this dynamic and interesting subject.

The opening up of the country’s border in the early 1990s and the era of economic liberation that it ushered in has played a major role in making law an extremely popular career option in India.

Long gone are the days when black robes and different courtrooms across the nation were the only options that gave lawyers an opportunity to display their knowledge and earn their bread and butter.

From swanky corporate offices to glamorous movie studios and large media houses, lawyers with good knowledge of the law can be found occupying prominent positions everywhere.

Students willing to make a career in law must possess some important qualities and characteristics. First and foremost you need to have good communication skills both written and oral.

As an aspiring lawyer, you also need to be very fond of reading as lawyers irrespective of practicing in courtrooms or carry out their duties in corporations are invariably required to carry out a lot of research to effectively and efficiently do their job.

However, the most important skill that you need to have to do justice to your profession is to have excellent logical reasoning abilities.

You will always find a brilliant mind that can think objectively and draw its own conclusion behind a hotshot lawyer.

If you possess the above-mentioned qualities and consider yourself fully capable of airing your opinion in a logical and coherent manner, then the law is definitely the right career choice for you.

As a law aspirant, you need to make sound career decisions when it comes to your law degree.  Students interested in studying law can either opt for a three-year law course or a five year integrated B.A.LL.B (H) course which is a 5-year integrated program that gives the benefit of covering two academic courses under one program.

Usually, a Law program can be pursued only at a post-graduate level but an Integrated Law course covers a Bachelor’s Degree course as well.  B.A.LL.B (H) is a combination of the study of Law and Arts subjects.

Also, law colleges in Delhi NCR and in fact, law colleges anywhere in the country run a three-year degree course in law only for those students who have completed their bachelor’s in any other discipline or for working professionals who wish to obtain law degree for added qualification.

Top-rated law schools offer admission to their prestigious B.A.LLB (H) program based on your performance in a competitive law entrance test whose score they accept.

There are quite a few important law entrance test with CLAT (Combined Law Admission Test) being the most popular. You need to start early if you wish to gain acceptance in the prestigious law program of a good law school.

Competitive law entrance tests usually test your knowledge in general English, legal aptitude, logical skills, general awareness, etc.

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