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Mouling National Park in Arunachal Pradesh

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About Mouling National Park

Mouling National Park is situated in Arunachal Pradesh state and is covering the area of Upper Siang generally, and a few sections of the locale of East Siang and West Siang.

This national park was also just to Namdapha National park to be made in Arunachal Pradesh, in the year 1972.

Covering a region about of 483 sq km, this national park shapes a section toward the west of the Dihang-Dibang biosphere hold. Undulating territories denote this national park with the extent from 750 mts to 3064 mts, which is the most elevated crest point at Mouling Peak.

There is the River Siyom streaming along the western fringes of the park, while various littler waterways are additionally going through the park to be specific the Semong, Krobong, Subong, and Siring, all of which stream into the Siang River, which is at the eastern limit.

Mouling National Park was proclaimed as a National Park in 1986. This spot is to a great degree prominent for its fluctuated scope of widely varied vegetation.

The recreation center is submerged with various types of semi-evergreen trees and creatures like tiger, panther, elephant, pig, deer, python and woofing deer. Distinctive animals like deer, wild bull and red-panda and some more.

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