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Sirohi National Park in Manipur

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About Sirohi National Park

The Sirohi National Park is located in the Manipur state which is a north Eastern Indian state. The recreation centre is covering a range of around 41 sq km in the east Imphal region of Manipur.

It is a sort of a woodland reserve which was built up as a national park in the year 1982.

The spot has an awesome noteworthiness as it is the main characteristic territory of the Sirohi Lily or Lilium Maclineae.

The well known Sirohi Lily is observed to be developed normally here and no place else on the planet.

A Sirohi crest is situated in this woodland reserve and on that top amid the rainstorm season, in the month of May and June the Sirohi Lily is developed.

The crest secured with the wonderful Sirohi lily looks excellent. The whole valley sprouts with these delightful blooms making the spot a lovely paradise.

The Sirohi National park is observed to be situated on the Indo-Myanmar outskirt. It is a flawless environment for an expansive assortment of untamed life.

The ordinarily discovered types of creatures in this locale are wild boar, tiger, leopard and deer and a few different elands. The avifauna typically found here are owls, vultures, warblers, and falcons and so on.

The Park offers an undisturbed biological system to natural life. The imperilled types of lovely Sirohi Lily are found in wealth here.

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