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Social Cyber Hub offers a Delightful Experience

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About Social Cyber Hub

One of the most preferred places in Delhi NCR and the heartthrob of Gurgaon is the DLF Cyber hub. Within a very short span of time, this place has established itself as an oasis in the middle of the busiest corporate and IT center.

It is well-build with the proper execution of plans and designs like walkways, offices and Cyber Hub pubs, which host some of the most exciting parties.

So, if you haven’t yet visited the place, it is high time that you should make plans with your friends or colleagues to drive down to this place and turn your day all the way happening.

It is not that only food and drinks will attract you to restaurants or pubs there, as for these places keep no stone unturned to fascinate their guests.

The restaurants come up with theme-based interiors that will make you go crazy for it. One of the most recognized pubs in DLF cyber hub is Social Cyber hub.  

It is one of those pubs which have gained huge followings throughout the country, especially because of the exclusive food they serve for its customers.

Some of the most sumptuous dishes available over there are- “The Bombay Bachelors Sandwich”- served with a variety of flavours, “the Aanda Mutton Seekh Parantha”- served with Omelette and Malabari parantha and juicy kebabs on it, and in the dessert section, “the Kit Kat Shake” that can definitely be considered as a cherry on the cake.

Social cyber hub also stands unique, when it comes to its theme, as there is a lot to be discovered. Inspired by the local chawls of Mumbai, this pub has a few little rooms which provide dinners within semi-private space and is a perfect place to hangout with your friends and loved ones.

The ambiance that has been recreated will manage to take you down the memory lane to the locality of Mumbai if you have visited. If not, even then it will work wonders for you as you can experience the simple lifestyle which is slowly vanishing from our present days.

Social, from the creative point of view, is an absolute visual delight, and the menu, of course, offers you the opportunity to treat your taste buds. All you are supposed to do is to make plans and visit the place as soon as possible.

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