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What are the recent Trends in Wedding Photography?

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The trend of photography is always changing, especially when it comes to things like wedding photography. This post explores some of the newest trends when it comes to wedding photography in India and all over the world.

Trends in Wedding Photography

  1. Drone photography:

Ever since drones have been invented, they have been used for photography and videography. One of the newest trends around the block when it comes to wedding photography is capturing aerial views of the guests and the wedding hall.

This overhead view offers a completely different perspective on the images that are captured. There are very few companies who can do this sort of photography, and NDS 24×7 is one of the popular ones for this type of wedding photography in Trichy.

Many different types of cameras can be fitted on these sophisticated drones to record audio as well as video in wedding and dining halls. These cameras have very high resolutions and can click very clear pictures of the couple as well as the guests. These cameras can also be programmed to shoot videos in slow motion and time-lapse settings.

Operating the drone is something that has to be done only by professionals. If the drones are not flown in the proper way, they may cause injury to the people that are attending the wedding and also to the person flying the drone as well. 

  1. Rain covered shots:

Rain is one of the most romantic things on the planet. So much so that most of the movie scenes that we see have rain in them when it comes to romance.

This has been taken to a whole new level in wedding photography as the photographers are artificially creating rain effects in the photographs of the couple that they are clicking. Most of the time, these effects are added later during the photo editing stage, but in many cases, it is done live as well.

Some of the wedding photography companies ask the couple to wet their hair so that the effects seem very genuine during printing. These effects are very realistic when they are applied by professionals from reputed photography companies.

  1. Outdoor portraits:

Traditionally, couples at weddings are accustomed to taking pictures only within the wedding halls. But, photography in these aspects has gone a step further now.

Now, many couples prefer to have pre-wedding or post-wedding shoots in places that have a lot of greenery. This can be a place in a hill station or a park that is very big and green. Additionally, many people also try and click wedding pictures at historical monuments and ancient temples as well.

Only Some of the wedding photography Trichy companies know the perfect spots for taking such pictures as these places must not have a lot of people. If there are too many people in the area, then there is bound to be photobombing and collision of the couples in other’s photos.

Evening and morning times are the best for capturing outdoor wedding portraits as the lighting is just right, and the sun is not too harsh. Also, the weather at these times is pleasant, and people will not feel tired after clicking a lot of pictures.

These are some of the latest trends in wedding photography Trichy. There are only a very few numbers of companies that are specialized in these types of photography, and NDS 24×7 photography company is one of them.

They provide excellent service at very affordable rates and are very cooperative when it comes to clicking pictures, unlike some of the other wedding photography Trichy companies.



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