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World TB Day – March – 24

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About World TB Day

The World Tuberculosis Day (TB) is observed each year on 24th March. The primary purpose of celebrating this day is to raise awareness amongst the public about the health hazards and consequences of tuberculosis. Through this day, there is hope to educate people and eradicate the tuberculosis epidemic from the globe.


It was in the year 1882 when world TB day was the first time commemorated and was announced by Dr. Robert Koch, who was the first one to discover the cause of TB, which was tuberculosis bacillus.

This is the day which provides an immense amount of opportunities to spread awareness amongst the public about the disease and then mobilize the political efforts to end tuberculosis.


On World TB Day, the president comes and urges every stakeholder to come together and take a pledge to end TB and achieve an India, which is free from this hazardous disease.

There is an earnest appeal to the individuals of the country to work mutually and dedicate their efforts to attain this goal. On this day, the president had announced that India intends to end TB by the end of 2025, which is five years down the line.

On this day, the World Health Organisation launches various events and partners with several other organizations that are working hard to end this disease. In the year 2019, the WHO did launch an initiative ‘Find. Treat.

All. #EndTB’. The main idea behind this campaign was to speed up the TB responses and ensure that the TB patients are given proper care.

Such campaigns give a call out to all the organizations, civil societies, governments, communities, health care organizations to come together, partner and mutually eradicate this problem.

This day has proven to be effective in helping people educate about TB.

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