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Try the World Class Exquisite Cuisine at a Restaurant in Gurgaon

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Whenever you hear the name of Gurgaon, normally these things come to your mind – astonishingly built skyscrapers housing multinational companies, a surplus of shopping malls and busy people.

The living and working environment of the city can make you feel a little overwhelming at first but you will find many places such as restaurants to spend a nice relaxing time with your family and friends.

Gurgaon, Millennium City has a massive number of restaurants. Most of the good restaurants in Gurgaon are found generally in Sector 29 and the Cyber Hub part of the City.

These two places are frequented mostly by young people on weekends. In a very short time, Cyber Hub has become the heart of the city portraying a long list of fantastic eating and partying joints.

The place displays a certain exuberance that is unlike in any part of the Delhi/NCR.

The variety of options will amaze you at your first meeting. The restaurant-cum-bars offer some of the best cuisines of the world like Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Mediterranean, American, North Indian, Italian, Parsi, Iranian and much more.

You will find many unique cocktails of drinks that will certainly satisfy your thirst.

Most of the eating joints of Cyber Hub have an exceptional ambiance to set your mood right away after your entry. Many also have rooftop seating arrangements for its customers.

Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Cyber Hub:

Best restaurants in Cyber Hub

  1. Raasta

  2. Soi 7

  3. Hard Rock Café

  4. Imperfecto

  5. SodaBottleOpenerWala

  6. The Wine Company

  7. Social

  8. Nando’s

  9. Café Delhi Heights

  10. Farzi Café

  11. Sutra GastroPub

  12. Olive Bistro

Cyber Hub is the best place to be with your dear ones for any type of celebration. You can plan birthday parties, corporate parties, and anniversary parties comfortably.

We are sure your guests will just love the food and drinks from here. People from Delhi can easily come to eat and party here due to its close proximity as it is connected to Delhi via the NH-8.

The choices in terms of food and beverages are limitless here. Right from the breakfast and casual dinner to a pub and bakery, you will find everything in a single place.

The eating joints represent the changing times of the urban people. They work hard and they do love to party hard. These places offer them the perfect food for their stomach and the most awesome drinks too.

People just love coming here for quality food and service.

The availability of numerous good restaurants in Gurgaon gives you plenty of options to have some of the finest quality of food and beverages.


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