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Online Sand Booking & Tracking Status – SSMMS of Telangana

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Online Sand Booking in Telangana was started by the Telangana State Mineral Development Corporation (STMDC) through the Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System (SSMMS) Online Portal.

With one click, customers can register, book orders, track orders, and many other items. Via, people can reserve sand by following a few simple steps.

After that, download the official notification and go through all eligibility requirements and application process carefully for all customers who are willing to apply for an online application.

Benefits and Info SSMMS Sand Booking Online in Telangana State 

The Telangana state government has introduced the Sand Sales Management and Monitoring System (SSMMS) to resolve the difficulties of illegal drilling, cross-border sand transportation, and black-market operations.

The state government will regulate the quarrying of sand in compliance with the SSMMS Telangana sand policy in 2020 and sell it to customers on behalf of the government.

The launch of the SSMMS TS sand booking portal induced clarity in the selling of the sand market by quickly and legally making sand to customers and stakeholders.

Furthermore, it has helped remove third parties involved in the negotiating process to avoid the exploitation of wetlands and habitats and improve the state’s revenue.

Also, it saves them the time and resources of individuals who choose to purchase sand. SSMMS ensures that customers purchase genuine quality sand. Remarkable services provided by the online Sand Booking portal SSMMS include—

Buyer registration: State residents should register themselves online and eliminate the hassle of physically going to the office.

Carrier registration: On the official portal, buyers can also list their wheels.

Tracking shipments-By using the enrolment figure, consumers can easily monitor their booking situation before the dispatch of sand orders.

The state government is responsible for selling sand in the state and handles the transport of sand to places outside the state. Inter-state sand transportation activities

Buyers obtain sand order requirements All details and specifications relating to their order.

Daily booking notifications, stockyard, reserved number, supply available, volume transported, etc.- Buyers receive cyclical updates related to sand marketing and additional sand order-related information.

The TSMDC dashboard provided on the sand purchase online portal homepage offers real-time awareness of the stockyards, the available quantity, the scheduled quantity, and the sand’s volume.

How to sign up for TS SSMMS: Customer Registration

To become an SSMMS portal client, you must register with the SSMMS portal. The customer needs to be registered with the portal before making any order. So, if you are still interested in enrolment, we have provided you with a step-by-step guide below through which you can enrol yourself.

  • Login to the official website: First of all, visit the official SSMMS portal, i.e., https:/, and then click on the link ‘Registrations’ in the menu bar.
  • Pick choices for customer registration: A drop-down list will appear when you press the TS Sand Booking SSMMS “Registration.” The “Customer Registration” option must be selected from the drop-down list.
  • Enter Mobile No.

Stage 1 of customer registration appears. You have to enter your mobile number and click on the “Send OTP” option in the space given. Your mobile number will be submitted to an OTP.

For OTP confirmation, as shown below, a dialogue box may appear. You must enter an OTP sent to your cell phone number.

  • Check OTP: Then a verification message will pop up on the computer after you’ve sent the OTP.
  • Fill up the Request Form

The Phase 2 form, i.e., the registration form, will appear after OTP confirmation. In this form, customer information such as district, village, house no., email ID, etc., identity proof information, and login details must be filled in. Click on the ‘Register’ button after filling in all the detail.

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