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MP Driving License – Madhya Pradesh Transport Department

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About MP Driving License

A driver’s license is supplied to demonstrate that an individual is qualified to operate a motor vehicle. According to the Road Transport Association’s requirements, Madhya Pradesh transport department issues mp parivahan learner and permanent driver’s licenses mp.

Madhya Pradesh’s Different Driving Licenses


Learner’s Licence: A learner’s mp transport license:
As per the Madhya Pradesh transport department, the license is valid for six months and allows a person to practice driving as a learner before applying for a permanent driving license. The guidelines are a little more forgiving of the trainee, allowing them to practice and perfect driving skills before taking the competency exam.

Permanent Licence:

After passing the competency exam of the mp parivahan, the learner can apply for a permanent license if he passes the driving competency test, which includes a road test. Vehicles in the following categories are awarded permanent grants.

  • Autorickshaws, cabs, delivery vans, and jeeps are examples of light motor passenger vehicles.
  • Commercial vehicles, tempos, and minivans are examples of medium passenger vehicles.
  • Buses and other large passenger vehicles
  • Medium Commodities Vehicles (MGVs) are trucks and tempos that are used to move goods.
  • Large vans and trucks are examples of heavy goods vehicles.

Documents Required for DL

To apply for a learner’s or permanent mp driving license, an individual must provide the following information.

For a Learner’s Permit

For the category of vehicle applied, there is a fee of Rs. 30/-.

Form 1A [Medical Certificates issued by any M.B.B.S. doctor] and Form 2 applications are required. These forms can be found on the official website and downloaded there.

Three passport-size photos were taken recently.

Any of the following documents can be used to prove your current residence and date of birth for obtaining driver’s licenses mp:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Ration Card Ration Certificate
  • Electricity for Passports
  • Telephone Charges
  • Receipt for Household Taxes Any office in the Central Government can issue a payslip.
  • Whether it’s the federal government or a municipal government, get a copy of the document confirmed by a central Gazette officer.

The state government or a local government state on mp transport license:

  • For a Perpetual License
  • Learner’s Permit
  • A fee of Rs. 50/- is charged for each vehicle category.
  • In the case of a Smart Card, there is a fee of Rs. 200/-.
  • Form 4 of the application
  • Certificate of ability to operate a vehicle
  • Certificate issued by a driving school for cargo vehicle classes
  • How to Get a Driver’s License in MP

To obtain a driver’s mp license, the applicant must complete Form-4 and present it, along with additional documentation, to the mprto Officer issuing the permit. A driving test is undertaken when the documents have been validated. The candidate must bring his vehicle for the test or make arrangements with the driving school where he learned to drive.

Photos and biometric identification, such as fingerprints and a retina scan, will be taken after passing the competency test. The license is mailed to the address provided on the application. In some zones, the applicant can pick it up in person at the mp RTO.

The applicant must go to the Madhya Pradesh State RTO’s official website to apply for a driving license online. By selecting “Apply Fresh Licence” under How to Apply for Driving Licence Online in parivahan mp, a page will appear on e parivahan mp. The learner’s license number must be input. The form must then be submitted, and a printout is taken when the details have been filled in.

How to Check the Status of Your Driver’s License – learning license mp

You can check the status of your learning license mp either online or at the mp RTO. To conduct an online check, the applicant must go to the official website and provide the receipt number, name, and application date. The status is displayed once these details have been provided.

Corrections to a Driver’s License

To avoid future headaches, it is critical to complete the application with the correct information. However, errors in the application form, such as misspelled names or incorrect addresses, occur frequently.

To repair such errors, fill out and submit the appropriate applications available at the RTO or online. The official will verify the corrections, and if approved, a new license with the revised information will be issued.

The applicant can pick up the support from the office the same day. A nominal fee will be applied, depending on the corrections.

In Madhya Pradesh, there is a test to obtain a driver’s license for Madhya Pradesh parivahan:

When the validity of the learner’s permit is about to expire, the applicant can apply for a Madhya Pradesh parivahan. The applicant for a learner’s license must pass a traffic regulations test (both verbal and written).


Two-Wheeler and Three-Wheeler Vehicles

These vehicle types are tested in the vicinity of the RTO online. The applicant must ride along the indicated border in their car. He might also have to construct an ‘Eight’ figure without touching the poles in the corners in case of RTO online.

The rider will also demonstrate skills like changing gears, maintaining vehicle control during speed shifts, bending turns or reversing, and doing a ‘figure of eight’ without touching the ground.

Four-Wheeler Driving Test:

A four-wheeler driving test is comparable to a two- or three-wheeler driving test in case of a mp driving license. The candidate must drive along with the letter ‘H’ without touching the ground-level columns.

This test determines if the driver can maintain concentration on the road while changing gears or reversing.

There are driving license mp fees.


If the license holder is under 50, a permanent driving license is valid for approximately 20 years from the issue date. A 50-year-old person’s consent, on the other hand, will be suitable for ten years and must be renewed within the time limit to be considered for mp driving license. Madhya Pradesh, has made it very easy to apply for the driving license, and the government has also mentioned all the important steps which the residents have to take into account while applying.

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