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Macbroo- Perfect For Ecological Restoration

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Macbroo Overview

As the most significant ecological restoration company in the United States, Macbroo aims to create a sustainable environment for the modern world. The project will restore our land and waters with environmental integrity and innovation. Natural resources rehabilitation and stewardship go hand in hand with human progress.

Restoration is an integral part of building a more sustainable world

Using nature’s methods of repairing damage generates a net benefit, or “ecological lift.” We figured out a way to make environmental mitigation markets work because of this.

Macbroo pioneered the repeatable, long-term business model that supports sustainability and responsibility for the lands and waters it restores, inspired by the idea that restoration can be a win-win for humanity and the environment.

Currently, the Macbroo business model of design/build/sustain delivers unique and successful outcomes because we guarantee the long-term success of the projects we build. Ecological problem-solvers committed to long-term stewardship have been born due to this approach.

Mitigation is the practice of lessening an adverse effect

Regulators often require mitigation projects to replace natural ecosystems impacted by development. An offset is a substitute for the original resource.

Conservation easements are often placed on sites that generate offsets to ensure that the ecosystem’s benefits will be maintained in perpetuity.

A process that can be followed even in the face of uncertainty

Species are regulated at both the federal and state, and local levels, making it difficult to determine whether a species is endangered or not.

With our strong national and local relationships with federal and state regulators and the scientific community, we are uniquely positioned to predict When and how endangered species are protected by the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Dedicated to offering a comprehensive stewardship solution

An end-to-end operating company structure is in place for Macbroo, which is dedicated to providing a complete management solution.

For example, our structure enables robust collaboration across disciplines, shorter project timelines, and an ecologically rich final product supporting the species of concern by assembling land quickly using a proprietary screening approach and providing fixed pricing upfront.

It also enables us to confidently offer surety bonding to our clients, further transferring your regulatory risk.

Changing the way we think about stormwater

Various projects can divert stormwater to recharge groundwater systems, remove pollutants before reaching streams or drinking water supplies, or reuse stormwater for irrigation and other public purposes.

When stormwater is seen as an asset rather than a problem to be controlled, this approach is more effective and less costly.

Local communities benefit more from these projects because they are more cost-effective and beneficial.

Solutions for Climate Adaptation and Flood Resilience by Macbroo

Flood detention ponds, seawalls, jetties, and revetments are standard components of coastal resilience master plans and urban resilience plans. It is common for these projects to be paired with recreational areas and open space, resulting in multiple public benefits.

Pollinator habitats are becoming more and more in demand

State legislation defines pollinator-friendly habitats as increasingly becoming a standard requirement for large renewable energy projects in local communities.

Macbroo can assist in translating these demands into a cost-effective strategy for establishing a thriving pollinator habitat around and within this critical infrastructure.



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