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United Nations Day (24th of October)

20 439

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About United Nations Day

Also known as U.N. Day, the United Nations Day is observed every year on the 24th of October. The prime objective behind the observance of this day is to bring it to the knowledge of every person residing in this world, the aims and achievements of the United Nations.

The United Nations Day is celebrated as a part of the United Nations Week, which is observed for a stretch from the 20th of October till the 26th of October.

It was in the year 1948 that the United Nations General Assembly had declared that the 24th of October, which happens to be the anniversary of the Charter of the United Nations, to be observed as a day that shall bring to people’s notice the objectives and the achievements made by the United Nations Organization and also gain the public’s support and cooperation in accomplishing their goals.

The Charter of the United Nations was signed in the year 1945 on the 26th of June, however, it officially came into force on the 24th of October in the same year.

Following that, it was in the year 1971 that the UN General Assembly made another resolution, wherein they declared that the United Nations Day shall be treated as an international holiday and suggested that all the member states of the United Nations should observe a public holiday on this day.

The main celebrations of the United Nations take place in its New York headquarters, where concerts are held along with award ceremonies, however, it is the flag-raising ceremony that precedes them both.

Every year a new unique theme is chosen to mark the United Nations Day and this year in 2017, the theme is Potential in Diversity. This theme is sponsored by the Permanent Mission of the Slovak Republic to the United Nations.

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