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Luxury Home 101: Ways to Add More Gold and Glitz to Your Interior

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You can never have enough gold. But when it comes to your home interior, it is best to exercise control.

Are you planning to redecorate your home with a touch of luxury? Gold is your best friend. However, too much can make things around your house too intense. Therefore, here’s a guide to help you incorporate gold in the most aesthetic manner that will make your guests and neighbors green with jealousy.

Paints and Fabrics

Adding a touch of shimmer can transform your home interior and make you feel nothing less than royal.

So introduce hints of glitz and gold by swapping out the area rugs, curtains, linens, pillows, and other fabrics throughout your home with ones that have accents or hints of gold color.

Alternatively, you can leave the fabrics alone and change the walls of the color to gold. Then, with an accent wall of shimmering gold paint, your home decor will define extravagance and opulence.

But if the idea of painting the walls throughout your home gold is a bit daunting, consider adding accent pieces or throw pillows that showcase swirls or specks of glittery gold trims running throughout.

Glamorize the Tables

Whether you are planning to get a dining table in Kolkata or a coffee table for your living room, get one with a gold runner. When paired with an elegant centerpiece, it becomes the most understated way of making a glamorous and gold statement in your home.

Are you hosting a special dinner? Decorate the table with gold napkins, gold place settings, and don’t forget to bring out your good china. It would be great if your dinnerware is rimmed in gold to fill the evening with glitz and glamor.

You can even place something as elegant and simple as a decorative gold ball or a golden tray in the middle of the table to add that ideal hint of flashiness to your dinner party.

Artwork on the Walls

Painting the walls gold throughout the home is not everyone’s cup of tea. But you can bring home some genuine Dubai royalty by opting for gold wall decor.

You can get a gold frame in a size of your choice and use it as an accent wall decor. Place it within a frame, so guests don’t notice the artwork.

If you have amazing family pictures on display, get some gold frames in varying finishes and hues. You can even make photo collages and get gold-rimmed frames, so they pop out.

Do you have windows in your room? Use gold curtains to introduce accents of shine and glitter subtly.

Furthermore, mirrors make for an excellent choice, especially the ones with a gold frame.


Chandeliers are a great addition to infusing your home with shine. Select an elegant-looking chandelier to add whimsy to your home decor.

For example, do not choose something too heavy on metal. Instead, choose one with more glass with a hint of gold on the arms.

For unexpected glamor throughout the home, you can add this to your living room and dining room.

Gold Accessories

If you want to add just a touch of gold to your interior, you cannot go wrong with shimmering accessories. For example, gold candles are a good addition. You don’t even have to burn the candles. Instead, place the glittery candles on your end table or coffee table and watch them shine.

You can top this up by adding a glass vase filled with decorative gold balls. You can even get a gold candle stand. Ensure to arrange them properly, so the centerpieces stand out and make a statement.

Light Up in Gold

Chandeliers are an excellent choice for adding a touch of luxury to your home. But if you don’t want to go big just yet, start by adding lamps. Lamps are an easy way to introduce gold to your home interior. You can pair a neutral lampshade with a gold base and give every corner of your home a new style.

You can even find sparkling lampshades to add a bit of whimsy to the interior. Pair a basic lampshade in black with gold lining so that the light reflects beautifully on the golden interior and lights up your room with a golden hue.

If you are introducing gold frames, you can place lights near the frames, so they stand out and are instantly noticeable.

Columns and Trims

Small additions can go a long way. For example, suppose you have recently renovated your home and hope to spice things up for the upcoming Christmas celebrations. In that case, you can add interior-sized plastic or foam columns to fit the edges and corners of your home.

You can spray-paint gold on these columns or add a bit of glitter spray. Moreover, you can move them to fit the changing needs of your home. Finally, you can speak to your interior designer to customize the columns and cut them to size. These will help to create an upscale-looking end table where you can keep a lightweight lamp.

Are you convinced your home needs a touch of gold? Of course, but before you run to one of the high end furniture stores in Kolkata, here are some things to keep in mind when incorporating gold into your home interior.

  • Gold is a dominant home interior decor element. It would be best if you balanced it out. So when you use gold to add glitz and glamor, ensure everything around it is textured and muted. This way, the gold will not lose its sparkle.
  • Back in 2019, gold was one of the hot interior design trends, and it is making a comeback. However, don’t go overboard. Small pieces make more impact so try to incorporate this trend subtly.


Purposefully place the accent pieces and furnishings to add glitz, glamor, and gold to your beautiful home. So get ready to glamorize your home and become the talk of the town.


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