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Lodha Verdict-2013 IPL scandal

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From the beginning of the Indian Premier League in 2008, it has attracted more media and scandals than any other format of cricket in cricket history. One such scandal is the 2013 IPL spot-fixing.

It started on May 16, 2013, with the arrest of three cricketers and their 11 bookies by Delhi police on fraud and cheating charges and suspension from IPL by BCCI. Soon more officials, IPL owners, and cricketers were found involved in the same.

Some of the important names that were involved are Gurunath Meiyappan (an official of Chennai Super King and son-in-law of former BCCI president N. Srinivasan), Raj Kundra (co-owner of Rajasthan Royals), Mr. Sreesanth (Cricketer for Chennai Super King) etc.

The BCCI appointed a probe panel of 2 members to look into the matter and they confirmed of no evidence of any misconduct. Following that the Cricket Association of Bihar and Bombay High Court went on to say that the probe by BCCI was held illegally and that the evidence was jeopardized.

Soon the Supreme Court of India issued a notice to BCCI’s N. Srinivasan,

BCCI and other members made an appeal against the Bombay High Court’s order for not issuing of another probe panel. Soon, two out of the three cricketers were banned from playing cricket and a new panel of three was issued by Supreme Court and led by Mr. Mudgal to probe into the matter.

The first report of the panel found Gurunath and Kundra involved in spot-fixing. N. Srinivasan was asked to step down from his presidency in BCCI making Sunil Gavaskar as the interim BCCI president.

SC asked the probe panel to continue with the investigations leading them to give 13 names submitted to the SC. Though he was soon cleared of betting charges, later to this the court appointed a new three-member panel lead by RM Lodha (Chief Justice of India) to decide on the magnitude of the punishment.

On July 14th, 2015, Tuesday, Kundra and Gurunath Meiyappan were announced ineligible in cricket participation for 5 years and suspended for life from all cricket matches. Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were suspended for 2 years each and involving parties like India Cements Limited and Jaipur IPL Cricket Limited was suspended for 2 years making it a final verdict by Supreme Court and RM Lodha to commence from the date of order.

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