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Island Tourism Festival

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About Island Tourism Festival

If you wish to experience the true definition of “colorful India,”—this is one such festival that you have got to be in!

Conducted in the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands—Port Blair, this one is a 15 days long festival, which depicts the beautiful variations of the country in its truest sense. From dance to dramas, exhibitions with exquisite arts and crafts to display the wide range of flora and fauna along with maritime species, the festival covers it all.

This fortnight-long festival is generally held in the winter month of January and is a means to boost tourism in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. People from government sectors as well as private sectors attend this festival, and there are a number of cultural activities including competitions and performances by the local tribal people.

Another feature of the festival is the wide variety of aqua sports, scuba diving, and parasailing that attracts tourists in large numbers who enthusiastically participate in all these activities.

Other than these interesting activities, the festival also conducts puppet shows, magic shows, dog shows and performances by various nationally and internationally acclaimed artists.

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