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How to Play 3 Patti Online?

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The 3 Patti or theen Patti is famous online as Indian poker. Yes, this card game is originated in India and now available as 3 Patti play online worldwide. Yet, this card play gambling is in a traditional format, and online casinos are in demand in South Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

Millions of card players are now online and mint money like anything without betting with their friends or in live gambling. They all know how to play 3 Patti online. I have discussed the ways to learn 3 Patti and try your luck in online casinos.

Basics of playing 3-Patti Online

The 3Patti other names are 3 Accesses flash, flush, Tri-card, Poker, and Three-card brag. Yet, the traditional and online rules might differ with regions of this world.

It is advisable to follow or read the rules, instructions, and betting conditions before you start to bet on playing 3 Patti online. The cards game rules might differ with live casinos online and Teen-Patti online.

  • A minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 6-players are allowed to play in 52-cards
  • Card players are available 24/7 on online casinos.
  • A player must place the bet amount before cards are put in hands.
  • There is no time limit in the 3-Patti game.
  • The loser will go on a bet to recover the loss.
  • The winner will fold to tighten the weak players.
  • 3-Pattibetting limits are spread, fixed, and no limits.
  • 3-Patti moves are blind, sideshow, showing back, and compromise.

If you are a beginner, then try free 3-Patti games online. It is a pure calculation game that wins out of a probability. Thus, ensure you have won or scored muck in playing fake money cards online. When you are through and know the game well in online casinos, you can bet in real money online casinos.

Know the Ranking of 3-PattiPlay Online from Highest to Low

  • Three sets of the same rank cards
  • Pure sequence
  • Sequence or run
  • Colour
  • Pair of 2-cards of the same rank
  • High Card

The A, K, and Q order card sequence is the first. Card order A, 2, 3 comes the second.

Know the Probabilities of 3-PattiOnline

  • The Three a kind or trio hand in 52 frequencies have 0.24% probability and odds of 424.00:1
  • The Straight flush or pure sequence hand in 48 frequencies has a 0.22% probability and odds of 459.42:1
  • Straight, or sequence hand in 720 frequencies has a 3.26% probability and odds of 29.69:1
  • Flush, or color hand in 1096 frequencies, has a 4.96% probability and odds of 19.16:1
  • Pair hand in 3744 frequencies has 16.94% probability and odds of 4.90:1
  • No pair or high card hand in 16440 frequencies has a 74.39% probability and odds of 0.34:1


Try 3-Patti online, it is one of the ways to make a passive income for many card players. They are making money after reading 3-Patti guides, strategies, and tricks online. It would help if you could learn from the top 3 online casinos with a guide.


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