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Kerala State Lotteries Live, Results, Benefits, Procedure

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Country of Gods Kerala is well-known for its picturesque beauty and tenacity. Kerala is the 22nd-largest Indian State by territory, created on 1 November 1956. Kerala is also the first State to establish its own Lotto Department, managed by the Tax Department and Kerala Government.

Seven lots are released per week with seasonal lots of bumper. After the State was hit by severe floods from the persistent monsoon rains where more than 300 lives were lost, Kerala introduced its latest lottery, the Navakerala Lottery.

Thomas Isaac, Finance Minister, said that the revenue collected by the lottery ticket is being utilized to reconstruct the State of Kerala because the gods themselves have dwelt on a significant resource loss and a construction front.

The Kerala state government organizes the lottery program of Kerala State Lotteries.

Lot is a kind of gambling in India in which participants buy tickets with different numbers, and the numbers are picked from the pool by random to reveal the winners of the Kerala jackpot result.

Kerala Lottery

The Kerala State Lottery Directorate was founded in 1967, and for the first time in India, a lottery department was established. This excellent idea came from the late Shri PK Kunju Sahib, then Finance Minister of Kerala, who intended to give the poor and medium-scale a consistent revenue source.

The procedure

The candidates buy a lottery ticket, and each ticket has a unique number called “Ticket Number of Lottery.” Eight prize funds are issued on the drawing day, and the findings are revealed at 03:00, and the aspirant’s ticket number must match the publicized number.

Kerala State lotteries of many kinds

Over a period, the State Lottery Department of Kerala has issued numerous lotteries that enable the public to participate and earn rather substantial numbers.

Toward Kerala State Lottery Weekly

There are seven significant lotteries under the weekly system, including Sakthi’s, Pournami’s, Win- Win’s, Nirmal’s, Carunya’s, Karunya’s, and Akshaya’s.

The drawer is held in Sri Chithira Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, Eastern Fort, and Thiruvananthapuram at approximately 3:00 p.m. every day. The top or first award is between INR 60,00,000 and INR 80,00,000 for these lotteries.

Seasonal lottery for Kerala

Besides the weekly and regular lotteries, the department regularly carries out seasonal and bumper lottery drawings. These lots contain lots for Pooja, Monsoon, Vishu, Summer, Thiruvonam, and Christmas.

Where the results may be achieved?

The outcome of any of the Kerala lotteries is pretty straightforward to find. The website, viz. is published on the same day. The results also appear in the Kerala Government Gazette. The results are available.

With the Kerala lotteries, you can win Rupees lakhs. You should play foreign lotteries if you want to win crores.


Play Benefits State lottery of Kerala

Play the Kerala lottery has several advantages. GST is used to promote welfare in Kerala if you buy Kerala lottery tickets. This is a good scheme for both participants and the government.

There is a lottery scheme in India in Kerala that offers financial support to the country’s people. This plan also helped people receive medical aid and medical charges.

This scheme aided more than 29,000 state citizens. The state lottery in Kerala also aids Kerala’s poor. The Kerala lottery system supports impoverished people with serious diseases such as Caners, kidney ailments, cardiovascular disease, and other health care problems. So, the lottery Kerala is India’s best lottery, so it’s advisable to buy lottery tickets from Kerala.

Lotteries Kerala Bumper

There are four Kerala Bumper Lots to celebrate festivals and seasonal festivities at different periods all year round. Bumper lottery ticket prices range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 300 and players can win prize money up to Rs. 12 Crore. Below you can find the Bumper lotteries and months of draws.

Weihnachts lottery New Year

The Bumper Lottery is held every January or sometimes in early February for Christmas New Year. It has one of India’s most significant lottery rewards, offering the lucky player who matches the winner’s code a staggering Rs. 12 crore First Prize.

Lots of Summer Bumper

Tickets cost Rs. 150 each, and you’ve got the chance to win a first prize worth Rs 6 crore—Summer Bumper Lottery from Kerala State. Tickets are often sold in five series – the winner numbers, including the correct series, match the first prize. The competition takes place every March.

Lots of Monsoon Bumper

Every July is the Monsoon Bumper Lottery, where a first prize worth up to Rs. 5 crores has been presented in recent years. Tickets for the 2020 Monsoon Bumper were on sale for Rs. 200 apiece. Ticket prices vary from year to year.

Lottery of Pooja Bumper

The last lottery of the year in Kerala is the Pooja Bumper in late November. Like many other lotteries, it is being held in Thiruvananthapuram in the Sree Chitra Auditorium and gives a first Rs. 5 crore award.

How do I get the lottery reward for Kerala?

The award may be redeemed in District Lottery Office up to Rs. 1 Lakh.

Winnings beyond Rs 1. Lakh shall have to be requested from an office in Thiruvananthapuram of the Director of State Lotteries or a bank – here are the details. You need to sign your name and type on the reverse of the winning ticket your name and address. The following documents must also be submitted:

  • Request and copy of the two ticket sides
  • Two pictures of the winner, in passport size, confirmed by a journal officer or notary
  • Form of receipt
  • A certificate of custody when the winner is small
  • Joint statement if a joint claim is present
  • PAN card copy
  • Document of identity, such as Ration card, driving license, passport or election identity card

Prizes of today lottery result may also be claimed through the co-Operating banks of nationalization, planned or state/district. If necessary, take the bank ticket and the documentation above. With the documents following, it will submit the claim to the Director of State Lotteries:

  • Winner’s letter of permission
  • Bank receiving certificate
  • Bank collection certificate


The results of Kerala State Lottery

At 3 p.m. each day in the SreeChithira Home Auditorium in Thiruvananthapuram, a live Kerala lottery result is declared.

You can visit at 4 pm to view the results of the lottery online. The results are also available in the Government Gazette of Kerala.

For prize money below 5000 rs, after the Gazette has checked the Kerala lottery numbers, one can claim the money from any lottery store in the State.

Winners must file the winning lottery ticket with an ID certificate at a bank or government lottery agency within 30 days of the draw for any amount higher than Rs. 5000. Read the documentation necessary to request an award.

Today, participants can visit the lottery site of Kerala State after 4:00 p.m. to verify the lotteries results of the State.

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How much tax will you pay when you win a lottery in Kerala?

The price is taxable in the heading ‘Revenues from other sources if you win Kerala’s State lottery.

When your income exceeds Rs. 10,000, TDS 30% is deducted automatically from your income following Section 194B of the Income Tax Act of 1961, and your balance will be paid following Section 194B. The award recipients are responsible for deducting this tax before delivering the winners any prize money.

Result of Kerala Lottery

  • Visit Kerala Lotteries’ official website at for kerala lottery result today
  • On the homepage, click on the link “Results.”
  • Click on the lottery /WIN-wIN(W-606)/KARUNYA(KR-489) link for the next page.
  • Check the next page to open your number

A live draw will be telecast on Malayalam TV networks to announce the outcome of the Bhagyamithra BM4 lottery. The bhagyamithra lottery carries a top prize of $5 crore and the second reward of $10 lakh, awarded to 5 tickets.

The Directorate also awards several other awards, including a total of 2 lakh to eight tickets with the outcomes of the Bhagyamithra lottery.

The Bhagyamithra today Kerala lottery result also includes prizes for five thousand, two thousand, a total of one thousand, five hundred, and three thousand.

The winning numbers of the lottery result today published in the Kerala Government Gazette are advised to the winners. Awards are also given. It is also recommended that the winning tickets be handed up within 30 days.


When it comes to the entire concept of the lottery, who does not like it right? The concept of the lottery dates back plenty of years as people have been engrossed in it since ancient times.

Just ask yourself, if you would be able to get lottery money, won’t you like it? Trust me who does not like easy money? We all do right. There is no doubt about the fact that lottery is ‘Luck’ no doubt, but luck comes to those, firstly who are very hard-working and secondly to those who are very sharp.

This is the same way how Kerala State Lotteries also works. As stated above, we have tried to cover all the important information about:

What exactly does the lottery mean and how one can actually claim that lottery. What role does the Kerala government play in helping individuals sort their lottery issues? What is the procedure of how individuals can take up the whole lottery process and get their hands on the same?

When you read the above points, I am sure you will not really have any queries, and you will be able to go through the process all by yourself.

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