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How Neetish Sarda Met the Workspace Challenges in 2021

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Neetish Sarda is the founder of Smartworks. The entrepreneur has excellent business acumen, has invested in several ITES firms, and provides technology-driven services.

He plans to make his company the leading provider of customised and futuristic office spaces in India. After completing his education in Singapore, he returned to India and began his career in business.

Smartworks and Neetish Sharda

Due to Covid19, offices are getting rearranged to comply with social distancing requirements. To boost efficiency, stimulate collaboration, and attract new talent in the long run, businesses are beginning to see the value of having a flexible office structure. Smartworks is a managed office space provider that creates and manages custom-designed workspaces.

Its vision is to be the leading provider of futuristic office space in India. Neetish Sarda has said in interviews that he will go all out post-COVID to expand the company’s operations. The firm has leased more than 2 lakh sq. ft of space for its clients and has partnered with many ITES companies for technology.

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How Neetish Sarda Solved the workspace challenge with tech and innovation

Neetish Sarda, the youngest CEO, discussed how his start-up – Smartworks – tackled workspace challenges and found success. He proudly says that he has learned a lot from his team and other start-ups and wants to share these lessons with others.

Neetish Sarda has a dream to change the traditional office culture in India. He is passionate about providing a better working environment for people and businesses. He could do this through design, technology, and scalability. While establishing Smartworks, he encountered many workspace challenges and overcame them head-on.

Using tech to solve problems

Unlike a traditional coworking space, Smartworks workspaces are fully serviced and customizable, eliminating usual overhead costs. In addition, Smartworks encourages more collaborative work by focusing on the individual’s needs rather than the business’s specific needs. This is especially beneficial in the current economy, where many employees work from home or in small office spaces.

The name Smartworks comes from the belief that excellence results from smart work. The office spaces combine beautifully designed infrastructure with cutting-edge technology integration, offering a more enjoyable experience for members.

Smartworks has promoted innovation with an inclusive workspace environment that encourages bright ideas and sustainable solutions to problems. In addition, they focus on collective transformative culture rather than personality cult, which results in a comfortable work culture where its members are productive.

Besides providing fully managed office space, Smartworks also offers collaborative communities for companies. Its business strategy focuses on driving employee happiness and wellbeing in the workplace.

The company’s innovative ideas have helped drive productivity and collaboration. The enthusiasm and expertise of its founders make it stand out from its competitors.

They combine a strong background in real estate with global best practices. To foster an innovative work environment, Smartworks is an excellent option.

Smartworks has transformed office culture in Mumbai & various other Indian cities. Besides providing a conducive work environment, the workspaces also incorporate spaces that promote a healthy and hygienic environment.

The company’s approach towards solving the challenge has ushered in a paradigm shift in how workspaces will look in the future.

He believes in providing the right equipment for employees and creating the right atmosphere to foster productivity. If you’re wondering how to achieve this, read on to learn how the founder of Smartworks addressed workspace challenges and a new culture of work.

The impact of Millennials in Workplace

One of the workspace challenges that millennials face is the lack of suitable equipment. Mr. Neetish Sarda focuses on providing the correct equipment to help employees perform their jobs more efficiently.

His technology-enabled workspaces offer maximum flexibility and cost savings. The Smartworks Super App has various features that enable you to customize your workspace to your needs. It can also be scaled up for greater employee happiness and engagement.

The company is the youngest leader globally and believes that the future belongs to energetic people. To make his office space more modern and tech-enabled, he transformed it into a smart workspace.

After the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, he realized that offices would be more technologically enabled to attract the millennial workforce. The Millennial generation has a heightened need for digitalized facilities and services. 


The company’s mission is to make workspaces fun and comfortable again. Creating a vibrant environment in a workspace is a great way to improve employees’ productivity and dedication towards work. The company aims to make work enjoyable by providing a welcoming environment.

With its state-of-the-art facilities, employees can work at any time. In addition to having a fun and engaging environment, Smartworks offices also provide members with amenities that help them be more productive by blending technology with the workplace.

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