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Vaastu Tips For Offices: Opportunity for positive Growth

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Nowadays, to ensure good profit, plentiful output and efficiency in work, many people design their work places according to Vaastu shastra principles. Following some Vaastu remedies for office assures that its employees will work effectively, which in turn proves to be highly beneficial for the organization’s success.

Vaastu Tips for Offices

  • You should choose a square or rectangular shape plot for your office and make sure that the height of the building of your office is equal in all sides.
  • Make sure that your office should not be near a graveyard, hospital or temple.
  • Choose eastern or the northeast zone for the water bodies of your office. Remember, that the overhead tank should not be located in the northeast.
  • Senior level officer’s sitting should be done in western, southwestern and southern portions of the office where as the seating arrangement of the middle level officers at the eastern and Northern zones. And the northwest portion should be reserved for the field staff.
  • The right place for reception counter is northeast and the receptionist should sit facing the east or north direction.
  • Ensure that the side-tables and telephone are positioned in the south-west corner of the office.
  • The accounts department should be located in the southeast direction of the office.
  • Make sure that you do not keep any barrier or obstacle in the opening of any door of your office.
  • Your staff should work by facing the east or north direction.
  • Windows and doors of the office should be positioned in the east and north direction.
  • The right position of the office toilet is southwest and northeast directions.
  • Well, a rectangular desk is an appropriate for the owner of the company.
  • Stores, almirah or safe should be placed in the southwest direction.
  • Central zone of office premises should be kept empty and the Marketing department should be located in the northwest zone etc.
  • An aquarium with one black and 9 gold fish should be placed in the north east corner of the office.

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