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Energetic and charming lighting designs for kids’ rooms

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Choosing the right lighting designs for your little ones’ space is crucial and can prove to be quite tricky too. Numerous studies have proven that kids need good lighting in their living spaces to thrive in their growing years. The White Teak Company has designed each of its lighting fixtures to provide optimum illumination in any and every setting of your home.

Bad lighting can lead to a lot of potential health hazards, but when you purchase a lighting product from The White Teak, you don’t have to worry even a bit about the brightness or the efficiency of the lighting fixtures.

Now, balancing the lighting in your kids’ room is the key. And you have to make sure that you get the ambient, accent and task lighting right.

When it comes to decorating a kid’s room, it is important to see whether the lighting design is child-friendly too. The White Teak Company offers a wide range of lighting fixtures to light up your kids’ rooms, take a look…

Getting the basics right: Ambient Lighting  

Ambient lighting not only adds warmth to a room but also sets the tone of the space. Ambient lighting fixtures are quite impressive and are bound to become an instant hit with the kids.

The White Teak Company offers an exclusive collection of Kids’ Room Ceiling Lights with numerous engaging designs to put a smile on the faces of your little ones. If your kid is a superhero fanatic, then our stunning Captain Amazing will just sweep them off their feet.

For all the curious kids who just love airplanes, skies and clouds, we have Planes Inc, Cloudy Bay and Airport Diary to brighten up their rooms. For all the singing sensations of the future, we have Coco, a beautiful guitar-shaped ceiling light that can energize any room in an instant.

For the animal lovers, we have Snappy Squirrel and Baloo The Bear. And finally, for the kids who’ve given their hearts to the seas, we have Ship Ahoy to add an opulent yet charming touch to their space.

Task lighting to add charm and functionality to the space

It is extremely necessary to make your kids’ rooms as functional as possible and our first recommendation here would be adding a pendant light called Golden Snitch. This Harry Potter inspired beauty is bound to impress every kid regardless of their age.

Secondly, a desk lamp or a study lamp is also a good addition to your little one’s room. Study Smart is our topmost suggestion for this space because of its simple child-friendly design and also its versatility.

Study Smart is equipped with a smart light with adjustable brightness. Want to go for something a little more conventional, we suggest going with Easy Way In. This beauty is an absolute stunner with its beige shade and a marble base.

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