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How a Hosted Virtual Desktop can be Beneficial for your Business

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Cloud computing technology is something companies cannot overlook as it facilitates business productivity around the globe. Several businesses considering migrating their IT to a private cloud-hosted environment will opt for Desktop as a Service (DaaS), usually referred to as a Hosted Virtual Desktop Service, still, several businesses are unaware of the advantages it provides. They also increase the efficiency of the employees with faster collaboration and increase benefits.

So, here are a few points as to how hosted Desktops can be beneficial for your business:

Increased Mobility with access to the software from any place

The first and foremost advantage of hosted desktop or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is that business users can sign into their desktops and the complete suite of applications they require for their business from their accounting processes to the CRM database, as well as their files, emails, and data from any place and time, with any device they have.

Improved security standards

A cloud hosting service provider will create regular data back-ups for their customers and data is particularly saved securely in a data center with generators, backup power, fire systems, cooling systems, and 24-hour protection which makes it more secure as compared to a local on-premise setup.

Enhanced cash flow

Migrating to a hosted desktop eliminates the requirement for expensive monetary investments on physical servers. Businesses will experience a low and fixed monthly pay-as-you-go payment only spending for what they want to work on, which leads to enhanced cash flow and increased estimated budgeting.


Hosted Virtual Desktops provide businesses with greater adaptability and make it simpler for them to develop and scale their IT specifications up or down by increasing or decreasing the user employees, applications, and storage space instantly which is highly beneficial for steady growth.

Improvises productivity

Cloud hosting can boost the productivity of work by up to 20%. Hosted desktops allow effortless remote working from any place, which improvises the levels of productivity and can allow businesses to decrease expenses, enable flexible working and retain employee satisfaction.

Working remotely

The hosted desktops facilitate remote working environments as employees can sign into all their business tools and apps from any place, and do not have to be present in their workplace. It also gives businesses the adaptability to transfer to other places efficiently, design satellite offices, and create meetings at any place.

More than 99% Uptime guarantee 

Most of the cloud hosting service providers give a guarantee of 99.999% uptime, which allows your business to be available all the time. Providers host their customers’ data in a reliable data center along with corporate-level firewalls and provide 24/7 assistance and disaster and recovery plans. If a server malfunctions the load gets shifted over to different servers in the cloud automatically to retain the availability of the applications.

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