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Chandigarh – History, Geography, Economy, Tourism

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About Chandigarh

Chandigarh was charged by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first head administrator of free India, to mirror the new country’s present-day, dynamic standpoint.

The new city was required to serve as a capital as well as to resettle a large number of displaced people who had been evacuated from West Punjab. India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru eagerly bolstered the undertaking and look managed enthusiasm for its execution.

Chandigarh is a city typical of the opportunity of India and a statement of the country’s confidence later on.

A few structures in Chandigarh were outlined by the French engineer and organizer, Le Corbusier in the 1950s.

Le Corbusier was honestly the second draftsman of the city, after the introductory master strategy was readied by the American modeller organizer Albert Mayer who was working with the Polish-conceived designer Matthew Nowicki. It was when Nowicki’s less than ideal passing in 1950 that Le Corbusier was maneuvered into the venture.

Chandigarh is limited on the north and west by Punjab and east and south by Haryana. The absolute region of the union domain is 114 Sq. Km. It is situated in Latitude 76.420 to 76.510 North Longitude 30.400 to 30.460 East.

Chandigarh has a sticky subtropical atmosphere (Köppen: Cwa) portrayed by a seasonal rhythm: exceptionally hot summers, gentle winters, temperamental precipitation and awesome variety in temperature (−1 °C to 46 °C). The normal yearly precipitation is 1110.7 mm.

The city likewise gets intermittent winter downpours from the Western Disturbance starting over the Mediterranean Sea.

The western disturbances ordinarily bring rain dominating from mid-December till the end of April which can be heavier now and again with solid winds and hails if the climate turns colder (amid March–April months) which more often than not demonstrates terrible to the products.

Prior, Chandigarh did exclude a mechanical region, it was later understood that commercial ventures would support the economy of the city and help it develop. Today, there are by most accounts 580 manufacturing plants in the city, including 15 extensive or medium scale units and 2100 little scale units.

The real commercial enterprises are nourishment items, metal items, machine instruments, electrical merchandise, transport hardware, pharmaceuticals, cowhide products, and plastic merchandise. A significant number of the little scale units are auxiliary units supplying the substantial commercial enterprises around Chandigarh.

The city has set up another data innovation park for the foundation of present-day data innovation-based organization.

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