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Health policies are financial securities

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These days it is always essential to have proper health insurance. Now, what is health insurance? Well, it is an agreement that happens between an insurance company and an individual. Here the company assures the person to take the guarantee of the compensation of the medical expenses in case the person needs them after meeting with an accident or fall ill which takes them to hospital.

Health insurance has become a necessity now. It is quite important for the person and their family to be covered under some reliable policy because medical care has become quite expensive in the private sector. In cases like these, a health insurance policy can be a savior whenever there is an emergency. This can reduce mental stress.

There are plenty of benefits of health insurance. A proper policy covers the expenses of the doctors’ visits, costs that are there because of medical tests, consultation fees, hospital expenses, and many more.

Comprehensive Coverage

When one buys a policy, it can help them to tackle all the health-related issues and they can go for the best possible medical treatments without thinking too much about the expenses. Here are some healthcare expenses that good health insurance can cover:

  • They cover inpatient hospitalization This is an expense that happens during hospitalization within 24 hours. The major things that are included in them are nursing, room rent, boarding expenses, cost of medicines, and ICU expenses.
  • Health insurance covers pre and post-hospitalization These are the expenses that can happen before and after hospitalization and they may include things like x rays, medical reports, and of course doctor’s visits.
  • Ambulance expenses are also covered by health insurance plans. Though there is a limit on the cover of this particular expense, and this can vary from one insurance company to another.
  • Sometimes a patient does not need hospitalization, but they might need daycare at home after an injury or a minor surgery which does not require spending 24 hours in hospitals. They include cataracts, radiotherapy, dialysis, and some other issues. Most health insurance covers daycare expenses, but the procedure may vary and it is mentioned in the policy document.
  • There is a domiciliary hospitalization expense that can happen because of the treatment of any illness which cannot be done at home. Most of the insurance plans cover one for these expenses and one can find all the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy document.

Cashless Treatment

In most cases, the insurance companies have tie-up with some hospitals. They are known as network hospitals, and they do offer cashless treatments to those who get admitted there and are insured. Hence, one can avail of treatment at any of these hospitals without paying anything of the medical expenses because the insurance company will reimburse that once they make a claim.

In most cases, insurance policies allow the policyholders to transfer their existing health insurance to a new provider as well. it can safeguard the customer from being taken for granted by the insurance companies.



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