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EPOS: The Instant Aid to Employee Management

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Employees are the most crucial part of any organization, even the smallest of businesses. Effective management of the employees is essential to ascertain the success and operational effectiveness of the company. As an owner, you are always preoccupied with numerous tasks at hand. In an attempt to streamline everything, an EPOS system is the need of the day.

Why do companies need EPOS?

An electronic point of sale machine can provide you with the following benefits:

Maintenance of Payroll:

Manually maintaining data related to overtime pay can be a tedious task, especially during the peak period. An EPOS product can help you maintain records of payouts made and instances of delayed payment.

In addition, with several workers down the line, it can easily help reconcile and control the expenses incurred.

Morale Boosting:

When employee sales are tracked, it becomes easy to identify the best performances. On the other hand, low performing employees can also be sorted and worked upon.

Rewards and appreciation can be extended easily, which can in turn help boost the morale of the employees. When timely rewards are extended, the employees tend to feel valued and work harder to achieve the destined goals and budgets. Thus, a hardworking employee can generate greater sales and bring value to the company.

Tipping can be made transparent:

Certain industries have the standard operating procedure whereby the customers can tip their service providers i.e., the employees as per their will.

However, this practice creates disagreement among the employees and unequal sharing of benefits. An EPOS product can help maintain complete records of tips received. This will help in avoiding employee disputes and maintaining a healthy atmosphere.

Ascertains the accountability:

Because of the EPOS, the employees stay aware that they are being monitored continuously and are accountable for the transactions they have entered. As a result, the chances of theft, fraud or erroneous treatment decrease by manifolds.

Task distribution and scheduling:

The EPOS product can also provide you with the benefit of scheduling and time framing the tasks to be allotted to individual employees on a daily basis.

A complete record of the task in hand coupled with the time for completion helps set realistic deadlines and ensures optimum time utilization.

Aids in the training process:

The employees tend to come and go. Each time a new employee joins the organization, they are to be trained with the system and its functioning to minimize the errors at hand.

The EPOS product comes with distinct features and can provide a complete demo to the new employees for easy adaptability and accurate training.

Synchronization of the time clocks:

Every employee’s in time and out time is crucial for the cost-effectiveness of every employer. The electronic point of sales machine will help you know the number of hours an employee dedicates to the organization’s working.

Access limitation:

The system is devised with features that enable the owner to decide on the features and data that can be edited and viewed by employees at different hierarchies. This ensures role-based data bifurcation and prevents the loss of confidential data.

Ease of access:

An electronic point of sales machine can help you access the data on the move. It is available on mobile and can be looked upon simultaneously while dealing with the buyers at a store.

Holidays and sick leaves:

In order to ensure effective management, it is important to ensure the availability of the staff on a particular day. EPOS system can provide you with the details of members’ absences during the work schedule.

Unique login Id’s:

The employees are allotted unique Id’s that can be accessed by them only. This ensures transparency and easy accountability.

Reminder notifications:

The electronic point of sales machine can be programmed in such a way that it can provide you with reminder alerts on important notifications, tasks due and the like.

Manage approvals:

The system will also allow managers or supervisors to approve transactions initiated by the employees. This ensures that the authorization level is not breached and the transactions are executed with due approvals and checks.              


To wrap it up, the EPOS system is an effective redressal mechanism. It can help you manage the roles of your employees and effectively regulate the functioning of your company. In this way, you won’t only take your company one step closer to success. But you will also ensure a healthy work environment and employee relationship.


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