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Soon Volkswagen launches new CUV – Volkswagen Tiguan

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About Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan is the brand new offering in the Compact Crossover Vehicle segment of automobiles from popular German automaker Volkswagen. This is the latest generation Tiguan offering from Volkswagen, given the fact that the makers have already produced a list of Tiguan models between 2007 and 2016. The Tiguans have always been sold in a range of trims all across countries worldwide.

For instance, the trim levels of Volkswagen Tiguan in the U.S. have been Tiguan S, SE, as well as SEL, while in the U.K., it has been the Tiguan Match, Sport, Escape, S. Ever since its launch in 2007, Volkswagen has sold over 2.6 million units of Tiguan all across the globe.

In India, the Volkswagen Tiguan is all set to launch in early 2017, after it was first unveiled in September 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. In India, the CUV was first unveiled in February 2016, at the 13th Auto Expo.

With this launch, India will see the second generation of Volkswagen Tiguan on its roads. Available in two variants petrol and diesel, so far the reports say, the Volkswagen Tiguan will be powered by four cylinders 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol mill that gives the maximum power of 177 BHP (Brake Horse Power) and maximum torque of 320 nanometers (NM). On the other hand, the diesel variant of the CUV is said to be powered by a 2.0 liter TDI motor that heralds a maximum power of 148 BHP and a maximum torque of 340 nanometers (NM). Additionally, it has also been reported that the Volkswagen Tiguan will have a six-speed or a seven-speed manual DSG gearbox for it transmission elements, and if things go smoothly, then an AWD (All Wheel Drive) vehicle option of the Volkswagen Tiguan is also expected to launch in India. The estimated mileage of the car for the petrol variant will be in between 1-12 KMPL, and for the diesel, it will be 15 KMPL.

The price of the base model of the Tiguan is expected to be somewhere around Rs. 25 lacs, while the top model’s price will be somewhere around Rs. 30 lacs.


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