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Cervical Cancer Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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About Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is cancer wherein abnormal cells rapidly grow in the cervix area of a woman’s body. The cervix is located right in the lower part of one’s uterus, which further opens into the woman’s vagina.

In women, along with breast cancer, cervical cancer is also very common, however in countries like the U.S. and some others, it is not that common, only because the cervical cancer screening is done as a regular routine in these places.

Reports suggest that cervical cancer can be treated well if determined in an early stage and that diagnosis can be done through a pap test.

Regular pap tests can pre-determine if normal cells in the cervix are at all changing, and if such a behavior is noticed, cervical cancer is diagnosed pronto, leaving enough room for treatment and improvement.

Coming to the symptoms of cervical cancer, some of the most common symptoms are: Frequent pain in the pelvis or lower abdomen, unconventional vaginal bleeding, which may occur between a woman’s menstrual periods, post-sex, or even after attaining menopause, a lot of pain during having sex, or frequent vaginal discharge that doesn’t seem normal.

While pap test may give an initial inkling of if something’s wrong, one’s doctor after examining the above-mentioned symptoms may conduct a list of other tests and even run a biopsy on one’s cervix cells to determine whether the person actually has cervical cancer or not.

Coming to the treatment of cervical cancer, again, the health professional will determine that based on which stage the patient’s cancer is in and how much the dangerous cells have spread across.

The options for treatment are surgery—which can be the removal of pelvic lymph nodes, as well as hysterectomy. It can be radiation therapy as well as chemotherapy.

Among these, hysterectomy is performed only when the need for it is way too essential since if one undergoes a hysterectomy, she can never be able to conceive children.

However, the good thing is if cervical cancer is diagnosed early, then there’s absolutely no need of undergoing hysterectomy for the patient.

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