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Breast Cancer: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

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About Breast Cancer

As the name suggests, breast cancer is the multiplication of abnormal cells in the breast, and currently is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer in women all over the world.

While it happens in both men and women, breast cancer in women is more common. The cancerous malignant tumor can either form in the inner lining of milk ducts in the breast or in the lobules, which supply the milk ducts with milk.

Based on these two aspects, if the cancer is formed through the lobules, it is known as Lobular Carcinoma, while the one formed through the milk ducts in the breast is known as Ductal Carcinoma.

According to reports, Ductal Carcinoma is more common than Lobular Carcinoma.

The fundamental causes of breast cancer range from genetics to eating habits and one’s lifestyle. Statistics say that compared to young women, elderly women are more common to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Coming to the symptoms of breast cancer, the most common symptoms are as follows, and if a person faces any of these, they need to immediately consult a health professional and not ignore the signs-

They may feel or notice a lump in the breast, they may see redness in the area of the breast or find it too itchy often. They may also feel pain near their armpits or breasts per se, even in the absence of their menstrual cycles.

The other signs include changing the shape of the breast, bloody discharge from the nipples, lump in the armpit, change in the appearance of the nipple, or skin dimpling in one of the breasts.

Even one of these symptoms if someone experiences, they should get themselves checked from a doctor. The diagnosis is made based on these symptoms followed by a proper breast cancer screening.

After that, the stage of cancer is determined, through E-rays, mammograms, CT scans, and some other procedures.

Based on this, treatment type is decided, which can be either through surgery (mastectomy/lumpectomy/breast reconstruction surgery/sentinel node biopsy/axillary lymph node dissection), or radiation therapy, hormone therapy, or chemotherapy.


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