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Balasana – A Great Stress Reliever

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About Balasana

The actual origin of asana or yoga is not known although it is believed to be primitive. Since then it is used in India to maintain a balance between the body and the mind.

Balasana is one such asana that balances the soul and body and calms tensions.

What is Balasana?

The name is suggestive of the asana. “Balasana” has come from a Sanskrit word that means “Bala” a child and “asana” meaning posture.

So Balasana is a child’s asana. It focuses on the abdomen, thigh and spinal cord. If it is performed religiously then you will achieve mental peace.

Steps to correctly do Balasana:

  • Rest your body above your legs by bending them.
  • You can either join your knees together or place them apart.
  • Bend down in front with your torso lying above your thighs.
  • Arrange your torso in such a way so that your naval rests in between both of your thighs. Basically, this will help you to balance out your body.
  • Place your palms on the ground and your forehead touching the ground.
  • Count till 5 and slowly come back to your sitting position.
  • Increase the counts as and when you feel comfortable.

Important Tips to follow before doing the Asana:

  • You should perform this asana empty stomach or you should have sufficient gaps between your meals.
  • You can, however, do this between your hardcore exercises to calm down your body.
  • If reaching your forehead to the ground is difficult for you, you can place a block to get adjusted to the asana.
  • Do not perform this asana if you are having any knee or thigh injury or you are suffering from diarrhea
  • You can also place the palms beside your thighs instead of stretching it above your head.
  • Before practicing any asana, you must consult your instructor.
  • If you feel the slightest hint of discomfort you must not continue with the asana.

Benefits of Balasana:

  • This asana is meant to relax your body after a heavy workout and also releases tension and stress.
  • It also soothes down the body and mind and helps to breathe properly.
  • It helps to reduce the pain in the lower back.
  • It strengthens the spinal cord.
  • It enhances a stretch in the hips and legs.
  • It helps to get rid of mind pains in the shoulder and chest.


Since it is a child’s asana, it helps to lighten your body along with stretching it. It relieves the pain in the joints and relaxes your body.

The tendon muscles are also healed better and function properly. If done properly, it should relax and calm you down. It is indeed a beneficial asana.

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