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Badrinath – Very Popular Hill Station in Chamoli

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About Badrinath

Located in the Chamoli district of the northern state of Uttarakhand in India, Badrinath is a very popular hill station and pilgrim site in the country.

It lies at an elevation of around 10,800 feet above the sea level and is situated on the banks of the holy Alaknanda River. Badrinath is enveloped by the beautiful Nar and Narayan Mountain Ranges. Its name is derived from the holy shrine of Lord Badrinath situated here at a higher altitude.

Badrinath is a place that serves the purpose of tourists seeking both peace and pleasure, as it is a perfect holiday spot alongside being a pilgrim site to pay one’s tributes to the almighty.

It is one among the “Char-Dham” pilgrimage sites in India, the others being the Gangotree, the Yamunotree, and the Kedarnath. Located on the beautiful and aesthetic mountain ranges of the Nilkantha peak, the Badrinath temple has a gold gilt roof and consists of a number of idols worshipped by the Hindus, the most popular among which is the statue of Lord Vishnu—referred to as Lord Badrinarayan, and is made up of black saligram stone, all under a canopy made of gold.

The temple also has a holy spring, known as the Tapt Kund, where many devotees take a dip to pay their tributes to the lord. In fact, it is also believed by the majority that the water consists of various healing and medicinal properties.  badrinath-temple_Image Source:

The major tourist attraction spots in Badrinath are as follows:

  • The Badrinath Temple
  • The Brahma Kapal
  • The Tapt Kund
  • The Narad Kund
  • The Vasudhara Falls
  • The Charanpaduka

The season for visiting the pilgrim spot lies only for six months every year, as, during another half of the year, the weather conditions become extreme and implausible for people to bear.

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