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5 tips to keep acne in check

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Acne is that dreadful nightmare in a person’s life, which no one would ever wish to come across. While a lot of factors play a key role in determining your skin’s condition—such as genetics, puberty, hygiene, and diet, acne is something which everyone has to face in life.

Fortunately, for some, it lasts for a very short while and they only recall it as one of those “high school thingies,” for others, it can be a tough deal as they seem to suffer from it more often.

Here are five quick tips on how to keep your acne in check and improve your skin condition—

Tips to keep Acne in check

Don’t over-wash your face

Always remember that “too many cooks spoil the broth.” It is advisable to wash your face twice, once in the morning and once at night, with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser.

Washing your face too often takes away the natural oils from it, triggering your brain to produce more oils and thus, contribute to some new pimples.

While washing your face you should remember that warm water will open your pores and cold water closes them.

So make sure that the end task you do with the face washing is with cold water, else open pores will accumulate more germs and bacteria from the outside.

Change your pillow covers

The oil from our hair is accumulated on our pillow covers on a daily basis. When we use the same pillow covers daily for sleeping, your skin comes in contact with those oils and thus, results in some bad breakouts.

To avoid that, use clean pillow covers every alternate day.

Keep your phone clean

We definitely enjoy those long hours of talking on our mobile phones, but we tend to forget that the phone is too close to our cheeks and chin, and if the phone is unclean, bacteria from there can actually cause your skin to breakout.

So make it a point to clean your phone every day to avoid such issues.

Remove your makeup before going to sleep

We know that some parties and meetings can be really tiring and all you wish to do after coming back home is to crash. But you will call for trouble if you don’t remove all the makeup from your face before hitting the bed.

The makeup breeds bacteria and that can cause some really severe breakouts. So no matter how lazy you feel, REMOVE all the makeup before dozing off!

Don’t pick at your skin

This tip looks simple but is quite hard to follow. Constantly touching your face and picking at it does more good than probably anything else.

Oils from our fingers, including germs and bacteria, start dwelling on your facial skin when you touch it frequently, resulting in acne. Also, if you already are an acne sufferer, picking at your skin can make matters far worse.

So it’s wise to use some distractions and leave your face alone!

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