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5 things NEVER to do in a relationship

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A relationship is a delicate thing, and like every other important thing in life, this too has its own set of dos and don’ts. While love and trust are the fundamental bases of any relationship, romantic or platonic, there are some things one must never do to their partner in order to ensure that they make their bond a happy and successful one—

Relationship Tips

  1. Never cheat

No, it isn’t limited to getting laid with someone other than your partner. If you delete text messages or hide stuff in your relationship, you are already more than halfway there. Trust is quintessential in any relationship and by hiding stuff or lying, you are only putting someone’s faith in jeopardy.

  1. Don’t expect too much change

You are with a person because you fell in love with that person. After getting into a relationship, don’t stress too much about making your partner change aspects of their personality. Positive changes are good, but expecting them to change in accordance with your whims and fancies is simply selfish on your part.

  1. Don’t take the other person for granted

You know your partner loves you a lot and won’t do anything to hurt you doesn’t mean you will start taking them from granted. Always remember, that tables turn and while you may indirectly brag about your upper hand in the relationship, the limit of your partner’s patience may end up breaking bad one day and that day it will be too difficult for you to mend the errors.

  1. Don’t hold grudges

Stay in the present. This doesn’t just mean enjoying the present with happy moments but also the bitter ones. If you fight over an issue and sort it, forget it then and there. There’s no point holding a grudge about the same issue in the back of your mind and then getting back at your partner days later, out of context. It only makes your relationship sour.

  1. Don’t stay unhappy

If anything about your relationship doesn’t make you happy, say it out loud to your partner. There’s nothing worse than being involved in something that doesn’t give you happiness. It’s not just an injustice towards yourself but also towards your partner, who remains in the illusion that you are happy with them.

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