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5 reasons why women cheat in a relationship

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It is generally said that it’s the men who cheat most of the times in a relationship. Though statistically, this is a true fact, it doesn’t mean that women don’t cheat at all!

Here are the top 5 reasons why women often cheat in a relationship

Why women cheat in a relationship

  1. Emotional withdrawal

A woman is known for being a little too emotional most of the time. For her, relationships are far beyond physical needs and hence, when she feels you are emotionally retreating from her, she will try to move on or accept emotional support from other men.

  1. Revenge instincts

If her thought process makes her feel like you have cheated on her, or betrayed her, or even lie to her, she may start holding grudges against you. It is only with time that her beliefs will intensify about you betraying her trust and that would push her further to do things against you, one of which is but obviously cheat on you.

Although it may be true that what wrong she thinks about you might only be her illusion, women are all about trusting their intuitions and since their intuitions are correct most of the time, she may give in to them and end up cheating on you.

  1. Lack of intimacy

You may shower her with gifts, credit cards and a truckload of promises, but if she feels a lack of intimacy from your side, she may end up cheating on you.

The intimacy here doesn’t point to sex only, but physical gestures to profess love, such as cuddling, pecking on the cheeks, etc.

These small tokens of intimacy are quintessential for women and when the feel the abstinence of these, they may end up deviating themselves from their men.

  1. Simply being the bad girl

Just like there are men who simply cheat for the sake of it, to maintain their image of a “bad boy,” there are women as well who follow the same prophecy.

Similar to men, their strategy too is to have fun, sex, and then have the relationship as out of sight, out of mind.

  1. Under-appreciation

A woman loves to be acknowledged, pampered, and appreciated by her man. If she feels that she is not given the due credit she deserves for things, or often neglected, she would find solace in walking away from the relationship.

So don’t forget to acknowledge the good qualities of your lady love so that she’s never forced to take a drastic step like cheating or breaking up.

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