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5 fashion don’ts for women hitting the middle age line

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Fashion is a trend, and trend always changes. But sometimes, we often forget to adapt to that change and end up staying stagnant. The problem? Well, we just run out of fashion. But no worries, because here we have our top 5 list of fashion don’ts for women who are all set to hit their middle-age radar.

Fashion Tips

1. Age is no bar in love, but NOT in fashion

 Source: aliexpress

While age, weight and looks shouldn’t matter when it comes to love, it definitely matters when it comes to the fashion sector, especially because you wouldn’t want to dress inappropriately and garner those nasty looks from the crowds!

Accept and embrace your age, and choose wisely what kind of dresses would suit your body type. It’s okay to be mentally young, but if you are 40 and you dress like a 16-year old, darling, you are bound to be a victim of the fashion police!

Try colors which are subtle, yet classy and not too loud. You can give the miniskirts a miss, but that doesn’t mean you cannot adorn those elegant knee length dresses.

 2. Make sure your makeup compliments your age and is not OTT

Source: simonelovesmakeup

“Too many cooks spoil the broth,” and when it comes to make up, the more of it, the more risk you bring to yourself of looking extremely weird! Keep it simple, sober and sophistic. Trust us, this alliteration and rule of three never fails!

 3. Give your hair a makeover

Source: theeverygirl

Change in hairstyle equals to change in your overall appearance. You must not stick to the hairstyles you sported 10-20 years back! It’s gone and better let it stay as a bygone. If you want to dye your hair, trying keeping it closer to your natural color, and yes! Long locks are always in fashion; they add volume to your looks and personality.

 4.  Take extra care of your skin

 Source: newu

Our skin ages way earlier than any other parts of our body and hence, it is extremely essential that you take good care of your skin to avoid the signs of aging. Use sunscreen whenever you step out of your house in daylight, drink loads of water and don’t forget those facials and time-to-time exfoliations. They keep your skin hydrated, refreshed and rejuvenated.

 5. Get some “ME” time

Source: rodalenews

Never forget or neglect your inner beauty. It is a quintessential part of living and you must love yourself and your body regardless of your age. Remember, mental health is the root which determines your physical well being.

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