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4 cool tips to avoid holiday weight gain

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Holidays are always so special, be it with your family, friends or a special someone. You do not just get to explore a new place, but also bond with your vacation buddies, making memories that are to be cherished for a lifetime.

That being said, one downside of holidays that many people complain about is the weight gain. Since going on a vacation means stepping out of your routine zone, facing a change of culture, climate, lifestyle, and even foods, one is likely to end up gaining some pounds.

Well, not to worry as these simple yet cool tips will help you keep your body weight in check and prevent you from gaining any extra pounds—

Tips to avoid holiday weight gain

  1. Limit the alcohol content

Drinking with your buddies during a vacation is surely fun, but don’t forget that getting out of control during a drinking spree is not just bad for the moment but also in later prospects, since alcohol is one of the major culprits triggering weight gain.

The same theory applies to soft drinks and other sugary drinks during the holiday season that can cause unwanted weight gain.

  1. Don’t treat the holiday events as a food event

During a holiday, you may visit events and many parties. Try treating these as fun events to explore stuff, that doesn’t solely include FOOD. This way you will save yourself from a lot of untimely eating sprees and keep your weight in check.

  1. Try pacing yourself

Chewing your food slowly during holiday or any other time, as a matter of fact, is known to be more filling, making you consume lesser from the meal.

Try to avoid eating quickly without chewing as that way you end up eating more food than normal.

  1. Try walking and running while exploring places

If you are a complete foodie and can’t seem to give away the thought of tasting new stuff during your holiday, no problem! Try to compensate for the food intake by walking extra every day.

Ditch a ride and get your own feet working to explore sites and other beautiful places of your holiday destination.

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