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Can Eating at Night lead to Weight Gain?

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Can eating late at night lead to weight gain? This is a question that has been boggling minds for eternity. Health experts say that the body’s metabolism rate is highest during the morning.

The rate of metabolism reduces at night. Thus eating late at night can be one of the primary reasons for your weight gain.

Health surveys suggest that eating late at night hours alters the cholesterol levels of the body, which hampers the healthy functioning of the body.

Hogging on to snacks during the late hours of the night when you suddenly feel hungry can be detrimental to your health.

Doctors say that the human body can process food effectively only during the daytime. It is advisable to eat less and eat foods with low calories during the night.

It has been further suggested that the calorie intake during the night should be in proportion to the total daily calorie needs and how much amount is consumed during other meals.

It is believed that the human body needs 1,800 to 3,000 calories per day. Health experts suggest dividing the calories intake equally over breakfast, lunch, and dinner to have a healthy food habit.

It is advisable to maintain three hours gap between meals and sleep to maintain a healthy body function and to prevent weight loss.

At night as the rate of metabolism is low, the chances of burning calories are also significantly low, which leads to weight gain.

Metabolism never ceases while you are asleep, but it doesn’t work at the pace it should, which in turn leads to weight gain.

Thus it is always a good idea to eat low- fat food and food low in calories during the night. This will not only help to reduce weight gain but also help in a lot of other processes, like better digestion.

Eating late at night is a very unfair idea and if you have been doing so, it is time you shed this habit to shed your extra kilos.

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