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3 safety tips for women that can be really helpful for them

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Safety has no special day, as it is something that must be cherished every day. Although every other day it is unfortunate to see crimes against women raising the charts and the worst part about it is that many of such crimes could be avoided by taking some serious measures.

First and foremost, your safety is primarily your own responsibility and hence, it is needed for one to be selfish when it comes to oneself. On that note, here are three important safety hacks that every woman must keep in mind whenever they travel alone or feel that there’s a possibility of their safety and security falling in jeopardy—

Safety Tips for Women

  1. It is important to own yourself

This is not just about maintaining a fashion statement but a very prominent one when it comes to maintaining your own safety. The more confident you seem about yourself and your surroundings, the lesser your chances are to become anyone’s target. Always remember: think global but act local.

  1. Don’t sit outside in your car after your shopping spree or any other meetings

Many women have the tendency of sitting inside their cars for quite a while making lists, talking on phone, etc, right after they are done shopping or working. DON’T DO THAT.

Attackers take this stance as a great opportunity to study you and then get on to the passenger’s seat and threaten you to do as they say. The wise thing to do is get away from every place as soon as your work is done there. No point becoming an easy target for the predators.

  1. Be extremely cautious about your social media check-ins.

Everybody seems to be smitten by the social media bug these days, making it a point to mandatorily check in to different locations on their Facebook/Foursquare accounts. You should remember that if one has to keep a tab on you, the easiest way is to stalk you on social media. So, the best thing you can do is check in to a place not when you enter it, but when you exit it.

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